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Category: Gentoo Linux

Without reinstalling my Gentoo, can I upgrade it form one release to another?

How do I go about doing this?

Im looking for a new Network Management System and some referred to me Foglight Network Management System by Quest. Has anyone tried this before? Can you please give me some insights on it's capabilities and performance?

Category: AJAX

What are the factors that I need to consider when creating my own AJAX functionality and do I really need to learn JavaScript?

Everyday I work for a  long time with my favorite computer. But after working about approximately two hours my mouse is not working at all. Then I am forced to restart my PC. How can i get rid of this problem?

Category: Desktops

I have a HP pc .

While working on pc LCD monitor displays the message " Monotor going to sleep" and pc power off .

When i power on pc not starting.

After several hours computer starts.

This happens sometimes?

What is the reason for this?

Is this LCD or PC related issue?

Category: Outlook Express

I have installed Microsoft Office in my Window 7. All programs of Microsoft Office accepts the Authorization code expect Outlook. I want to use Outlook to synchronize calendar on my phone. Any idea?


My wife and I both own a BlackBerry model phone; hers is a BlackBerry Curve while mine is a BlackBerry Bold. It has been in our possession for quite some time now but not really for long. What we have observed is that both our batteries are experiencing problems; one was about to ceased working while the other, even with still one bar of battery life already shut off. What we did was charge those using their respective chargers. However, to our surprise, both phones displayed nothing but white screens. Please, please help us with this. Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Category: Internet

I am receiving an error message that says “The procedure entry point MpHeapReAlloc could not be located in the dynamic link library ODBC.dll.” on opening Pinnacle Studio 10 installed on my Windows 7 computer. I believe it is compatible with Windows XP. Pinnacle media manager, instant DVD Recorder and Studio Tutorial are working fine. Why am I receiving this error message?