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Category: Internet

 What is the rRRelationship of JSP specification to the java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition? Please tell me your ideas. Thanks! 

Category: PCs

I bought a new power supply from Kniel. I just want to ask how to connect it in parallel? I'm confused with the PA-pins of the unit. Please give me some information. Thanks!

I have my new laptop, and I have a problem connecting it to the wireless connection. The WIFI is already on but still it keeps on saying "no wireless connection available" I'm wondering because my brother was able to connect to the wireless connection using his laptop and why can't I? What do you think is the problem? How to solve it? Please help me.


Category: MS Outlook

Hi, I really need your help in solving this problem that I have noticed with the Outlook 2007 users. We are using Outlook 2007 in the local computers and Exchange 2003 on our server. The problem is that whenever someone creates an event in Outlook Calendar then sends invitations to the rest the mail reaches the server but it won’t be located anywhere in the Outlook Inbox of the computers on the local network. This is strange since it will be displayed in the Outlook web access inbox yet when you click on it nothing is shown on that page. The Mac users running Entourage 2008 have absolutely no problem at all.

Hello experts

My desktop is not coming.

The moment I start my PC I get the following error. Services.exe application error.

The instruction at 0x37001160 referenced memory at "0x37001160 The memory could not be read.

Click OK to terminate the program, click cancel to debug the program

Can anyone out suggest me some way to fix this error?? 

Please help. Thanks.

Category: Email Servers

Due to firewall barriers and securities, we have servers which cannot get into the mail server.

However, it can connect to the Lotus Notes Server.

Can a command line be used to fix this problem?

How can we connect and send SMTP mail using Notes Mail 5.1xthrough normal Notes protocols port 1352?

Hello everyone,

It’s a huge program which I use frequently. The other day I burned the most recent episode of “Desperate Housewives” from previous season.

“1 Click DVD Movie” made a perfect copy of these AVI files for my sister which I did not check. This weekend I was on an excursion tour where I went to a festival named “Sling Shot” made by Thrill Masters. I copied the video copy of that ride on a USB jump drive I wanted to copy this video as a DVD; however, it caused a number of errors like "Internal Software Error: Vobulator\BlockPlanner\BlockPlanner.cpp, Line 234."


I am using ARCHICAD and having problem with the following errors message whenever I attempt to submit the drawing. The message reads, “ Not enough memory to render this model”


Please, I want your help to get over from this; Thanks a lot.

Category: Windows Vista

I am really pissed off because there are a lot of things going wrong with my Windows Vista PC. This has been giving me a lot of headaches. To give you details let’s start the story when I had PC Tools like Spyware Doctor, Anti-Malware:Malwarebytes, Fake Anti-Virus 1.64, McAfee etc. I removed all these softwares including the malicious virus. As of now, I do not have any other program installed because I removed all programs that were about to expire the subscription and the programs that are purchasable. I think my issue started after I removed all the programs I mentioned.

Category: Mobile Hardware

I have Samsung Galaxy Phone 1. There is a limit for downloading applications up to the size of around 30 MB. I want to have an application with 38 MB size but the phone says Not Enough Space. How to get around this?