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It has been a super experience using my Galaxy Note. However, I started experiencing some challenges when I realized that the S-Pen is not accurate. How do I fix the calibration pen Sur Galaxy Note? I would like to have it fine tuned for precision since I use it for my drawings. Is it something that I can do on my own or do I have to see an expert?

Hello, I am a student and I am doing diploma in Java.

So my teacher gave me the project to do the simple order form java script.

So I want to know how to create simple order form using java script.

Experts please help me.


Category: Web

I'm part of an environmentalist group. Actually, we'll have a gig with some open discussions. I'm going to have an informative presentation regarding greenhouse effects. I need greenhouse websites for my reference. Could you please suggest greenhouse websites that I could use for reference? Thanks.

May I ask if there are paint/painting open sources that has flash, or any painting open sources that can be used with flash?

My friend said that he have a few application of punbb, and its very helpful (he said that). Can you guest a good example of application powered by punbb ?


I want to connect “Nokia N72” with PC. Yesterday I installed Nokia PC suite on my PC. While I connect my N72 on my PC with data cable but it did not work. How do I connect phone on my PC? Can you help me please?


Kathie Cruz

Category: MS Outlook

Hi experts,

I'm working with Outlook Web Access in Microsoft ExchangeServer 2007 when I got an unexpected response.

It looks like the error message below.


Category: Java

Hi experts

When I am running a Java product packaged with the help of Advanced Installer, the launcher will look for a proper JRE installation. If nothing is found, this error will be displayed to the user.

I need a solution.

Thanks in advance.


JRE Not Found

Missing JRE

The Java Runtime Environment(JRE) was not found.Please download and install a JRE(latest version) from:

If you have a JRE installed you can browse for it below:

I have a Second Edition Ulead Video Studio version 10.0.0110.0. This uvs.ini file is saved in three different locations on my drive. The one that is saved at C:\Program Files\Ulead Systems\Ulead VideoStudio SE DVD\Ulead.dat can be edited and the value can be set to 1. When I run Video Studio and open up a .mod file, the audio can heard at while it is being previewed but when I click on create disc, the soundtrack cannot be heard and another location is displayed on the pop up window

"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ulead Systems\Ulead VideoStudio SE\10.0 goes back to PlayAC3=0 & DecodeAC3=0."

Category: Internet

Google Maps 'Cube' game will bring you through the streets of San Francisco, downtown Tokyo and beyond.

It is a series of maze challenges.

Will this game works with other internet browsers?