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Category: Mobile Software

I'm having a problem with accessing or sending messages on Viber. I am normally based in Ireland where it was working fine. I am currently in Italy and none of my messages will send. I have received one message that I have been able to read since I got here. Regarding all my other messages, I get the notification but when I go to read the messages, they are not showing so I can't actually read them. I am connected through wifi. WhatsApp is working fine as is I'm assuming this is an issue relating to Viber or with the handset ?

Category: Apple OS

I am having a problem that some of the programs stops unexpectedly in my MAC operating system and quits. I need to know how to troubleshoot my MAC operating system for software issues. Do i need to connect to internet to troubleshoot any software issue? I am using MAC OS v10.6.Help me please.

Category: Memory / RAM

I have bought a Panasonic Home Theatre // SA-BTT 755 // but it is not recognizing any USB hard drive. I have tried a 4TB Seagate and a 750 GB Western Digital but the system fails to identify that any USB device has been plugged in. I can't figure out the cause, please can anyone here guide me to the cause of this and how this problem be solved? Thanks

On my PC, I am running Windows XP. I have noticed that while running a few programs like FireFox, VLC Media Player and AIM, the active window deactivates all of a sudden and I have to click it again to activate it. The colour of the window also becomes lighter in shade. Why does this happen? How can I correct it?

Category: Misc Software

I am using Mac Book Pro that runs OS X Mavericks. Is it possible to convert a WMV file to a QL / QL X compatible file? How can it be done. Please give step by step instructions on how to do so.

How can I reboot my iPhone? Will rebooting my iPhone cause all data and settings to be deleted?



My laptop is Lenovo and I have been using this for my projects as a student nurse. We have projects made in flowcharts and I was so tired of using MS word with this type of projects. I've heard about cloud computing, so please help me find cloud computing flowchart free. Thanks!

Category: Suggestions

Hello expert, I need some basic Chinese texture fonts. I have two fonts but I don’t know to put that font on particular font location. How to put it? My PC’s OS is Windos7 Ultimate. Is there any websites to free download Chinese texture font. Suggest some websites, send the download links and send some helping tutorial explanations.


I am planning to buy a latest, good quality and yet economical mobile phone for my daughter.

I came to know that the Spice Mobile have launched their new mobile phone model M-7070, which is a Smartphone model. 

Does anyone know any detailed review about all the features, issues of this new model & comparison with other Spice Mobile new models? It will help me making a decision.?


Category: Misc Security

I am using Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP in Client systems, I would like to have software that will help me to lock Client screen from Server, Please suggest me the better free Software.