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Category: Hardware

Whenever I inserted any removable disk on my PC, I could not open it. Windows is always telling me to format it but when trying to format, an error occurred stating that “Windows is unable to format disk”. How can I format without getting this error message? Is there any other way that I can format aside from clicking on the My Computer folder and right-click it to format?

Please send me some advices.


Category: CORBA

I am an IT student and I am looking on where I can download Borland Turbo C. Where can I find a compiler? I need a trusted site for downloading this. Kindly please send me some suggestions. Thanks.

Category: Others

I have a job right now but I have many free time so I am looking for an extra income. I heard from a friend that they transferred to freelance online jobs. And they are making great incomes. How can I make money through the internet? What are the sites that offer legit services like this? What is Odesk? Is it legit?

Category: Virtualization

I am deploying Bare Metal with Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012 but it always failed and gives me an error 803d0010. I opened the command prompt window but the trace log has some blank entries. How can I correct this? 

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012

Error: 803d0010, The remote endpoint was not reachable. Press SHIFT+F10 to open a command windows, A trace log is available at X:\VMM\vmmAgentPE.exe.log. this file will be deleted when this machine reboots.