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Category: Misc Software


I have been updating my Samsung phone (Windows OS) with my PC but suddenly I got this update error message.  What do you think should I do?  I am afraid to tinker on my phone since I might corrupt stored photos, videos and music.  Can someone guide me on how to remove the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Windows Phone


There was an error while trying to update your device with the latest software.

Please try again

An update is in progress. Wait until it’s complete

Category: Misc Software


I was installing Adobe Reader X on my Windows 7 when I got this error message, see below. I have tried reinstalling several times but the same error message popped up. 

I have searched the web but found no solution. Is this a registry-related problem?

Please help.

Adobe Reader X-error message-2147287035

Adobe Reader X – Installatie

Informatie over de Installatie van Adobe Reader X

Database: C:\Windows\Installer\39f53e.ipi.

Databasebestand kan nei worden geopend.

Systeemfout – 2147287035