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Hi to all.

How am I going to initiate repair a file in red hat 6 for Linux 5  after I had installed Win XP? I have often faced a problem of repair file system when I change some settings In kernel. I had tried so many commands but I am not really sure if what command should I apply this time. I can only do single mode login since the run level 5 is always prompting me for a login name loop.

Please help me.

Category: XP Embedded

Hi Users,

I am using 64 bit operating system, but now I am facing some problems with inventory application for X86.  

I am facing problems in apps like  Ginger grammar, GstarCAD, Visual TimeAnalyzer. 

Can anyone help me out how to resolve problems with inventory application for X86.

Category: XP Embedded

Hello TechyV Users!

I Have a logon blue screen problem. After an automated update just downloaded , it prompts me that I need it to restart my computer. After rebooting, I am now getting a "c000021a The Windows Logon Process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000018 The system has been shut down". I’ve tried to get into Safe mode, also in Recovery Console, still it gives the error to go into Safe mode. Is there any solution  to repair it?

Thanks a lot.

Karla Mmorrow

Category: XP Embedded


I searched the web but did not found that windows ce 3.0 has any sdk developed for arm systems? If any one knows about the Windows CE 3.0 software development kit that can be used for arm systems please help me resolve this issue.



Category: XP Embedded

What should I do if the task manager utility of the system is not working and deactivated? How to reactivate it?

Category: XP Embedded

How can I create "transformer icon pointer" in win xp?

Category: XP Embedded

Will someone direct me in getting blaze player installable for Win CE?

Additionally if anybody knows how to make a Win CE requisition that will utilize glimmer player to play SWFindexes please give me a chance to know. 

Category: XP Embedded

Hi Experts,

I am having XP professional on my desktop and I want to uninstall Norton desktop gadget  for xp.

It has been embedded to xp.Will it affect my windows OS after uninstalling.Expert advice needed.



Matland Maud

Category: XP Embedded

I'm working with an embedded device running windows CE 4.2 on my X86 platform.

I need a software of acrobat reader on an urgent basis.

Where can I find and download it for absolutely free?

I also want to know pros and cons of this program.

Category: XP Embedded

I opened my Control Panel and selected “Add or Remove Programs.

I haven’t even picked a program to uninstall when I got the error message

Error 1721. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run.

Contact your support personnel or package vendor. How can I uninstall something if the program meant to do it is not installed?

If this is any help, I’m using a PC running in Microsoft Windows XP.