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Category: Windows XP

I have installed bitdeffender antivirus it worked nicely few days but now giving problem some files keep my processor busy so i cannot open anything i am so worried about it please help

The file is vsserv.exe please tell me how to get rid of it

Category: Windows XP

I trying to save Microsoft Windows XP system (boot) disk to a backup computer but when I run my Windows XP-based backup computer. I received some technical issue is far beyond my knowledge.

I don't know how to rectify this kind of error so maybe someone here could provide me answers.

Here is the error message.

STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF741B84C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)


Category: Windows XP

My Windows Xp machine keeps on booting in Safe mode after I installed a DirectX 9.x which is needed to run the game  have installed. It seems that the video card drivers isn't compatible for the DirectX9.x but that is only my presumption.

Can someone tell me what is the problem with my computer? Is my presumptions right?

Category: Windows XP

Hi, I am trying to install FrostWire as it is one of the finest free software that can share huge files and consider to be the best sharing application today.

While installing I got this error

FrostWire was unable to write a necessary file because your hard drive is full.

To continue using FrostWire you must free up space on your hard drive.

Category: Windows XP

I have newly joined Camfrog but whenever I enter any Chatroom it gives error message

Camfrog is unable to connect to the video streams in this room.

Please check your firewall/antivirus software settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page.

I have visited Camfrog’s FAQ page but still could not find any solution. The AntiVirus is disabled and the firewall is turned off.  However, the same error message still appears and other users could not be seen on live webcam.

Could anyone know the solution?  Please help and thanks in advance.

Category: Windows XP

It happens often with me that when I try to send a reply of email through THREASDY email account, I get this error

“Sorry, your message could not be sent

A copy of this message will be saved in your drafts folder.  would like to try

Sending this message again?

try again     cancel”

I click try again button given below the error, but the same error occurs.

I have tried many different steps like rebooting the PC or explorer etc. but nothing happens.

Please tell me if this is a bug or some virus attack.

Category: Windows XP

I have Intel Pentium 4 pc with 3.00 Ghz processor, 2GB ram and 160 GB harddisk space.

My problem is my operating system need to reinstall again and again. After i install windows XP some days its running good.

But after some days its became slow and faces many problems. Is this problem of my harddisk or my ram or motherboard.

Experts answer me please.

Thanks is advance.

Have a great day

Category: Windows XP

I have a Dell Presario laptop and specifications are Win XP Pro (SP2), 3 GB RAM, 90 GB HD with Dual 3 GHz Xeons . The Antivirus software has been replaced recently because the older version does not provide enough security. However, after the substitution, following error message appears when the laptop restarts.

If I choose OK, the system will continue to work. The system file name is C:\Windows\System32\Config and the size is 10.3 MB.

This laptop is new, a few software is installed. However, if reboot the laptop, this message does not appear again. Is this message a false notification so that we can just ignore it?

Category: Windows XP

I get an Internet explorer pop up every time I go to a certain websites including Gmail. Even when I try to navigate through a help file for a program I get the following error message

“Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to allow scripts to run?”

I own a Sony Laptop with Win XP SP 2, 3 GB memory.

Once I click on Yes it allows me to go ahead with the webpage or the help file, but I end up clicking yes so many times in order for me to continue working. I have made the following changes in IE

 Advanced settings

Category: Windows XP

I was not sure if the below error message was a kind of fun …..

Hey…don’t make fun of Windows” with red X

I have Win XP on my machine; I get this unusual error message sounds like a prank though; it keeps popping every now and then.

On top of error box it says “Hey… don’t make fun of Windows” with a red X in the box and following message appears with ok and cancel options.