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Category: Windows XP

I have a Dell Presario laptop and specifications are Win XP Pro (SP2), 3 GB RAM, 90 GB HD with Dual 3 GHz Xeons . The Antivirus software has been replaced recently because the older version does not provide enough security. However, after the substitution, following error message appears when the laptop restarts.

If I choose OK, the system will continue to work. The system file name is C:\Windows\System32\Config and the size is 10.3 MB.

This laptop is new, a few software is installed. However, if reboot the laptop, this message does not appear again. Is this message a false notification so that we can just ignore it?

Category: Windows XP

I get an Internet explorer pop up every time I go to a certain websites including Gmail. Even when I try to navigate through a help file for a program I get the following error message

“Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to allow scripts to run?”

I own a Sony Laptop with Win XP SP 2, 3 GB memory.

Once I click on Yes it allows me to go ahead with the webpage or the help file, but I end up clicking yes so many times in order for me to continue working. I have made the following changes in IE

 Advanced settings

Category: Windows XP

I was not sure if the below error message was a kind of fun …..

Hey…don’t make fun of Windows” with red X

I have Win XP on my machine; I get this unusual error message sounds like a prank though; it keeps popping every now and then.

On top of error box it says “Hey… don’t make fun of Windows” with a red X in the box and following message appears with ok and cancel options.

Category: Windows XP


I re-install Windows XP and use a new disk in a few days but the next days when I turn on the screen, it only display text “Windows is starting ...” and stop at it. Then I ghost Windows again but use some times this issue happen. Please help me, this issue has cause from hardware or software?


Category: Windows XP

I am working on a development of private company’s software. I have installed much software’s which are required for that software. The issue is this that I have no UPS and any other device and here I am facing load shading problem. Sometimes load shading makes my computer system’s window corrupt and I need to reinstall my OS also other software’s again. Is there any solution that can fix this issue without UPS or any other expense involvement?

Category: Windows XP

Hi I need help.

Just 2 days ago a virus corrupts the OS of my computer running Win2000.I upgraded and installed winXP Pro. After the installation,I cannot access the USB hard disk. I was able to access the USB hard disk  before the upgrade. I called the manufacturer of the hard disk but they do not offer a driver for WinXP Pro.What should I do? I need to access my USB  HD..

Category: Windows XP

The issue I am facing is about the emptiness of the menu in case when I try to access the Administrative Tools in the Start Menu. Help me to find out the cause and the solution to restore them?

Category: Windows XP


Usually I used computer without any errors, but yesterday night during a window update the computer froze, then tech blue screen error occur with this message "Technical Info STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000047, 0X804FCF44, 0XF8A7884c, 0XF8A7889C) The system was shut down to prevent damages" So what this error code means? 

What will be the solution?

Category: Windows XP

My computer is working properly but there is an issue that the menu of All Programs is empty menu. 

I don't know what is the issue but the list of all programs menu is empty and not showing any program in the list. 

The programs are installed on the computer and working properly through shortcuts on the desktop. 

Now let me know what to do. 

Any solutions?