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Category: Windows XP

My system was very sluggish and slow. Whenever I rebooted my machine it took almost 10 to 15 minutes to reach for all the applications and programs to load on my desktop.

At times it used to come up with display error messages also. I decided to install TuneUp Utilities on Windows XP SP 3 machine in order to increase the performance of my machine.

I tried to install the application and it came up with some system requirement error message. But I checked that it was installed in Add/remove programs. I tried to uninstall it completely so that I can have a perfection version.

But now I get an error message.

Any suggestion?

A module could not be registered.

Category: Windows XP

I had an issue recently and had to re format the complete C drive. All the software installed in C drive was completely removed.

I installed the Daemon Tools version 3.46 on my Windows XP SP 3 machine. It was running well until I tried to upgrade my software. Now whenever I try to start the program I get an error message

A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C\WINDOWS\Installer\daemon.msi.

Category: Windows XP

I am receiving the following error message with FlashGet software.

I usually download huge data from websites and in order to split the data and download each simultaneously is use this software.

This helps in increasing the download speed also.

Until yesterday everything was working fine on my machine.

But today when I open any of my files it comes up with:

Failed to Create Empty document.


I have my Antivirus updated and the scan does not come up with any error message.

Category: Windows XP

I wanted to try the K-Meleon web browser on my Windows XP SP 3 machine. I installed it on my machine and made sure that all my favorites are copied from IE.

Later when I was trying to use it the browser just crashed on me giving the following error message:

Can’t resume. Please run this utility from K-Meleon’s folder.


I am not sure what action was I performing on the browser exactly.

Has anyone seen this error message before?

I saw that there are so many features which I wanted to try and use.

Any help on this.

Category: Windows XP

I am getting this error message on my Windows XP Professional SP 3 machine. Not sure what it means.

I am trying to log into my Logitech Harmony 670 , I give in my credentials and then login. When I click on Next there is an error message which pops up:

Unable to display content. Click Next to continue


I am using Harmony 670 and once I click on next it comes back again to the login screen again. I have the latest download package installed. I have tried it on other MAC machine also and it comes up with the same error message.

Category: Windows XP

I have ClaimWin free Antivirus installed on one of my Windows XP SP3 machine.

It does a scan on schedule and removes infections without any issues. I am able to perform a “On Demand” scan also.

But when I try to open my any of my outlook emails or any of my emails with an attachment I get an error message. Is this something related to my web browser?

This started happening only after I upgraded my software recently.

An Error occurred whilst scanning: scanFile:No database loaded.

 An Error occurred whilst scanning: scanFile:No database loaded.

Category: Windows XP


I am using a software called Ant Renamer.
I have been using this software to rename the files and folders with ease and not having to go to each and every location to perform the same action.
But today I got this error message when I am trying to delete a specific folder.
I haven’t faced this error message before and am not sure what could have gone wrong.
Cannot delete lpt1: The parameter is incorrect.
I have this installed on my Windows XP SP3 machine.
Category: Windows XP

Sopcast is one which I use to watch online videos, listen to online radio music.

But for the first time I attempted to watch a channel on it and it came up with an error message. I am able to view a 30 to 40 seconds and later it pops up with an error message.

Unexpected error staring your channel


I was not sure if there was anything related to my software installation. I am trying to view it on my Windows XP SP3 machine.

Has anyone come across this error message? I am surprised why I am not able to view only my channels and able to listen to music and watch other videos.

Category: Windows XP

Hello All,

I am getting an annoying error message when I am trying to use a MSN.

I have not had issues with this application most of the times. I am using it on Windows XP SP3 machine.

The error says:

Error writing configuration file. Make sure you have the correct permissions for the directory /home/username/amsn

  Error writing configuration file. Make sure you have the correct permissions for the directory /home/username/amsn  

I launched my MSN and I do not see my profile. There is nothing related to my profile and there is an empty screen for login.

Category: Windows XP

Tried to access the Internet with my computer running Windows XP service pack 2 but I get an error code 678 saying "The remote computer did not respond" or sometimes it comes up error code 769. "The specified destination is not reachable".

I recently upgraded my windows XP from SP 1 to SP 2. I already power cycled my modem and restart my computer a couple of times.
How can I fix this?