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Getting an error message with the Virtual Box . I have a Win 2003 Server SP2 installed on my PC. I have a small business and use more of virtual machines rather than real machines. This saves my time in running over to machines for my work.

I am trying to copy a Win XP SP3 machine. I have performed the following:

1. Took a snapshot information first that I need to merge.

2. Made a clone of an existing virtual image.

3. Created a new Virtual machine set up.

But after attempting to create a new virtual machine the following error message pops up:

VitualBox error Failed to open the hard disk

Category: Windows XP

Operating System :  Windows XP SP 3 , Inkscape Version : 0.48.0  r965

I downloaded Inkscape to my PC and installed it recently. I tried to import an .eps file and it comes up with an error message

Error reading temporary SVG file: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'c:\\docume~1\\auysaler\\locals~1\\temp\\tmp2wpcxf.svg'

When I click on accept it points me to my temp folder file path. Later it just opens a blank document.

I see that it is not able to create a folder in the temp directory for some reason and keeps coming back with this error message.

Category: Windows XP

I am using a Win XP Professional SP3 machine from past one year. Installed iTunes and have been successfully able to transfer songs, videos , games and other free apps.

I heard about this interesting iPodifier which would capture the contents from any source like a TV or any other media and would put it on my iPod. This would allow me to watch my favorite series later even if I missed it . I have a version 1.5 installed on my machine.

Recently when I was working with my iPodifier I tried to save one of my file and it came up with an error message.

“An error occurred while displaying the previous error”

Category: Windows XP

I have bought a second hand PC. I have made a set up using Windows XP. There is a problem. When I connect a pen drive, it opens automatically. How can I stop it?

Category: Windows XP

Hey buddies,

I am having a problem with my C dive. I use to defragment all my hard disk drives every month.  This month when I tried to defragment the C drive, an error message comes out like “Windows cannot defragment this drive”. What sort of Message is this? Then I restarted my PC. But I got the same problem. I actually use the default defragmenter software for defragmenting.

Is it a problem which causes by virus? I appreciated any sort of help.

Thank you

Category: Windows XP


I was scanning my computer with an Avg Antivirus program and after the scan was finished, it results some corrupted files and deleted those files. When I restarted my PC, I encountered


A message appeared that said, “The Registry is corrupted. ”

I was really shocked that why the registry corruption error came. Then I guess that the possible cause is the deletion of the corrupted file by the Antivirus. Now I am looking for the solution. Can anyone have some ideas?

Category: Windows XP

Hi, I have no idea why I cannot access the drive in my computer which MS Windows XP is installed.  This error message appears repeatedly.

The volume does not contain a recognized file system.
Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded
and that the volume is not corrupted.’

This drive is very important because all my works, assignments and data i.e. my life is saved here.  Please save my life and suggest what I shall do to access the drive again.  Many thanks.

Category: Windows XP


I was using windows 7 for past few months however recently I needed to install Windows XP on my computer. But can't remove win 7 and reinstall XP professional. Its keep saying: Stop error 0x0000007b.

Is there an XP format tool that needs to be used first? Can anyone help me out to get rid of this error?

error 0x0000007b
Category: Windows XP

I receive a message Error Loading Kernel. You must reinstall Windows.

It's kind of weird and happens every time. I think I deleted something on the files registry accidentally and can't find the answer or solution ? I hope someone can help me in resolving this case since I don't want to reinstall my windows because I've got important files inside.

Any help would be appreciated.

Category: Windows XP


Guide me if you people know about this. I want to install specific Drivers for windows XP, I know drivers are automatically installed while installing operating system but Is there any site available where I can search for the Drivers? I only want to install sound drivers. But unable to find them on net.