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Hi there,

I have been trying to modify my registry in order to create bin directory  with JDK7 and I feel frustrated since the CMD won't recognize Java commands until the bin directory is created, how do I go about doing this, and why do JDK7 require the bin directory?

Category: Windows 64-bit

Every time I try to transfer files in my Smartphone that are greater than 800KB to my Windows 8 desktop using Bluetooth the file transfer get stopped. I use a Bluetooth dongle to connect my PC and the phone and I never faced this problem with my old desktop which has Windows XP installed. It is more like Windows 8 machine terminated the file transfer. Does anybody know a fix for this?     

Category: Windows 64-bit

I have Windows 8 installed on my Dell Inspiron 4050 laptop so I wanted to upgrade it to Windows 8.1 and I downloaded ISO from the Microsoft website and when I mount the ISO file it gives me the error file corrupted. Then I again tried mounting with both PowerISO and UltraISO too. I have re downloaded the file but no luck for me. Can anybody help me?

Category: Windows 64-bit

I am running Windows 8 and I want to know the method on running BackTrack 5 OS from my operating system. I tried to search for it through the Internet, but I couldn't find a decent answer. Please provide step-by-step instructions. Thank you.

Category: Windows 64-bit

Good Day Guys!

Has anyone had the PC Suite Acer Windows 8 Installer? I am using Acer TravelMate B and Windows 8 and I need to know if there is an available installer for this. If anyone can provide tutorials and hand books, I would really appreciate any help. If you have the installation and complete user guide  for Acer TravelMate B, it would also be great to use as referenced when troubleshooting and maintenance comes.

Thank you for all the help.

Category: Windows 64-bit

Good day! I have big problems with this Windows 8 OS. My windows 8 OS was corrupted in an unknown reason. So I ask my friend if there is a way to repair it? But he only told me that I need to intercept the boot process. But the problem is I can’t find the BCD. So guys, where is the windows boot intercept? How to use it properly? Thanks.

Category: Windows 64-bit

Hello, experts! I am using green-shot software for taking screenshot. But, there is some limitation. I am looking for something new. Which is the best snap tool screenshot for windows 7?

Category: Windows 64-bit

Hello TechyV users,

I have upgraded my Windows 7 from 32 bit to 64 bit few days ago.

But I am facing a problem the problem is the power menu Windows 7 64 bit does not work.

I cannot control it.

Please give me a solution for it.

Category: Windows 64-bit

Hi experts

A few days ago i came to know about admin picture for windows 8. And I am little confused about it. From some website I got some data which says that this admin picture feature made the system easy to get access. Isn't it a threat to us who are using windows 8. If not please tell me how?

Category: Windows 64-bit

Hi everybody

My computer runs with windows 7 x64 bit. Now i have faced some problem with audio video player's.

Some extension types are not supported by these media player's.

I haven't install windows 7 codec pack x64. Is this create problem?

If so how can I solve it?

If anyone knows i would be grateful.