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Hi there,

This Critical Error appears on my Windows Server 2003 from Virtual Box. The program worked just fine until now and I don’t know what it appeared because I didn’t make any system and program settings changes. Does any have any idea about this error ? What is the solution for my error ?

Regards experts !

VirtualBox – Error Critico

Fallo al cargar la configuracion global GUI (interfaz usuario) de VirtualBox desde.

La application terminara ahora.


Receptor RC: e_outofmemory (0x8007000E)

Category: Windows 2003


I have windows 2003 PC I don't know why it started rebooting suddenly its so unexpected and never happened before to me.The PC starts and then reboots again and again until I unplug and switch of from main socket.PLease help me what to do in this situation is it virus causing this kind of problem or any hard drive issue I don't really know please help me.

Category: Windows 2003

Does mplab Windows Server 2003 supported by current OS or other development tools? I always imagined this as a big problem for me because every time I start the computer, the windows 2003 will report an error especially when I start the mplab v6.60. Is there something I have to do to solve this problem? Just let me know if mplab will work under windows 2003 server if I will download any upgraded software ( if there’s any) or will I change the settings? And how am I going to do this? I would like to upgrade my development system and I am much curious if anybody has the same issues and how it was solved.  Thanking you all very much for any solution you will share with me.

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Opera for windows mobile 2003 full did not have the best browser as it always means Java-based when installed. Is there a recent version of the same browser that will be installed in windows mobile below 5.0 devices? There are so many posts that it is then impossible for windows mobile 2003 to use landscape mode if it is not windows mobile 2003 SE. Why is it that the landscape is not compatible with windows mobile 2003? What seems to be the problem of OS if not the application? Furthermore, does it also works on the PPC form factor? Is there any prediction for the release of opera for windows mobile 2003 full that will work also on these platforms?

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Hello Tech Gurus,

I am using Windows Server 2003 Enterprise version for our organization. It is heavy loaded with SQL Database, for monitoring purpose I need a cpu realtime meter. The built in one is good but I am looking for more professional one.What tool are you guys using normally?

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Hi Everyone,

I want to know what is the minimum system requirement to perform clean install of Windows Server 2003 enterprise edition 64 bit. Also tell me how do I obtain Microsoft Windows Server 2003 service pack 2 for latest updates.

Please help me on the subject of windows 2003 enterprise 64. I would appreciate your help.


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want to know details about  converting windows analog to UNIX time command?

Category: Windows 2003

Hello Experts,

How to resolve windows 2003 corrupted registry? I got this problem, what should I do to still keep all the pictures, important files that are stored in my computer? I hope you can give me some way to resolve this problem. I don’t know what to do.

Your suggestions will help me a lot.

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Hello guys,

How to download apache 64 for windows 2003? What website you can recommend to me that give the best, secure and proper way of downloading an application. Of course it should be compatible with my windows 2003 operating system. Thank you.

Category: Windows 2003

I am just not able to install windows home server 2003 msdn iso. Every time I click on the installation package, nothing happens. Rest all the functions work normally but installation does not. Am I doing something wrong?