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Category: Windows 2003

While creating the NTBackup in Windows Server 2003 SP2 (which is also the domain controller and exchange server), the network connection aborted and Windows Server shows the error “Generic Host Process for Win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close”.  This is also happening when editing, deleting or even running that NTBackup scheduled file. Due to this problem I can’t ping with the internet server and it also does not work as DNS server and emails got lost and even nobody gets access to the use the internet browser well. Should I need to restart it as I can also see many different events like 1058, 1030 and 2005 or should I have re-install Windows Server again?

Category: Windows 2003

I am using 32 bit Windows Server 2003 in the server.

It was showing in the domain list without any problem.

But, suddenly it is not showing in the domain list.

So, I have to access it through the ‘run box’.

How can I activate or restore the same to the domain list.

If anybody knows the solution to this problem, please help me.

I will be thankful for all your help.

Category: Windows 2003

My server is facing boot up problem. When it is booting up the Windows Server 2003 logo is coming and the screen just shows blank and remains on the blank screen. I have done the ‘check disk’ on the server and it shows an error is fixed. But even after that it is not able to boot up.

When I am trying to boot up in safe mode it is getting hanged. I have reinserted the RAM and battery, but there was no change in the result. Even after I have disconnected and connected again Alice peripherals, the problem remains. I don’t like to re-install the OS as all my settings will be lost. If anybody knows the solution to solving this problem, please help me. I will be thankful for all your help.

Category: Windows 2003

I am looking for help to set up WAN connection with Windows Server 2003 through ‘RRAS WIZARD’. I have installed two network cards, but the problem is I don’t know how it can be configured. I am using DSL Modem for internet connectivity and there is no router installed. There are four ports in the DSL modem. Server IP is 10 dot 10 dot 10 dot two, MASK is 255 dot 0 dot 0 dot 0, Def. Gateway Ten dot Ten dot Ten dot 1 and DNS is 10 dot 10 dot 10 dot 2. These are the network parameters and there is no internet connection. I want to get internet connectivity on my two client systems which I have added to the domain. If anybody knows the solution to solving this, please help me. I will thankful for all your help.

Category: Windows 2003

I am looking for help to import groups & users to Server 2008 system from Server 2003 system.

Is it possible or not?

There is no domain created and so we are installing another server.

So, I want to import all users to the new one otherwise I have to add all users and users groups manually.

I have searched for some help, but none was found.

Please help me to solve this problem.

I will be thankful for all the help and support.

Category: Windows 2003

My operating system is Windows R2 2003 and I have installed the IBM X 346 server.  Every time I am switching on the server it is not properly booting up and gives some error messages which says ‘PXE51 / DHCP’, ‘It is not received DHCP’. I don’t know why this is happening. Please help me to get out of this problem. Thanks in advance.

Category: Windows 2003

I am getting an error message in Windows Server 2003 which says ‘svchost.exe application error. The instruction on Ox6F8917C2 which is referred to as Ox6F8917C2 is not clear. The memory cannot be read. Select ‘OK’ to exit and select ‘CANCEL’ for debugging the program.’  If anybody knows how to solve this problem, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Category: Windows 2003

I do have the necessary license for access to my Windows 2000 operating system. The Windows 2000 operating system has an active directory running in it. In addition, I have a Domino server on my Windows 2003 server. This windows 2003 server happens to be in the same domain with Windows 2000. The Domino server is meant for emails and related programs. Do I need an access license for the windows 2003 I addition to the one for Windows 2000?

Category: Windows 2003

When checking “Enforce Password History Remembered,” how many passwords are remembered by default? How is the guest account in Server 2003 different from the guest account in other editions?

Category: Windows 2003

I would like to know the Windows Operating System that my system will revert back in uninstalling Windows Server 2003 and also the keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Windows Server 2003? Where is the Primary domain controller(PDC) and backup domain controller(BDC) roles stored in Windows Server?