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Has anyone been having problems installing AVG 2012 free edition?

I tried installing it, but a “connection failed” error keeps on popping up and the installer closes.

 So I tried installing the full version, but I still got a setup error with code:0xE001003D.  

Can someone give me advice on how to fix this?

Thank you!

Category: Virus & Spyware

Is it true that one anti Spyware isn't enough to protect your computer from internet spyware?

I have downloaded (I will not name drop one anti spyware) an anti spyware but I still have doubts if is enough for my computer's protection.

Can I install many anti spyware in my computer?

And what would be the best anti spyware for the job?

Category: Virus & Spyware

I need help, please. I can’t install my AVG and I’ve been working at it for a couple of minutes now, but I couldn’t fix it.

Every time I install it, it shows an error message:


Error code:0xc0070643
Error message: MSI Engine: Failed to install the product
Context: AVG product installation”
Can someone help me fix this?
Category: Virus & Spyware

Analyst and some expert stated that  "honeypot" and "suicide code" is best software in removing all traces of Flames that are presence in a certain machine or PC.

My friend's PC was infected by this Flame virus we want to remove and to fix this problem. How to have this Honeypot and suicide code?

Category: Virus & Spyware

Hi there, after its latest release of antivirus recently, I am not getting any updates from the webroot. Is there anyone who can help me with this problem please? Please tell me why it is happening and a solution to this problem. In addition, suggest a better antivirus for my All-in-one PC running Windows 8. 

Category: Virus & Spyware

Hi everyone! One of my friends just asked me to use the latest version of Spy Sweeper for being safe from Spywares.

Can anyone please provide me the installation procedure of this application and also tell me how to use the program?

Thanks in advance.

Category: Virus & Spyware

Did Microsoft released any security update on Flame Malware yet?

Category: Virus & Spyware

Good day!

Please help me on this issue related to McAfee Security Center.

According to the error stated on the screen, the security center is not responding.

What would be the cause of this and what should I do to solve this?


McAfee Security Center is not responding

Windows is checking for a solution to the problem 

Category: Virus & Spyware

By the time I try to log in into the McAfee forums, this error always appear on the screen:


An unexpected error has occurred

Please give me some idea on what causing this issue and how to deal with this kind of problem?

Category: Virus & Spyware

As part of my routine, I start up my laptop and run Cyberghost VPN.

When I was about to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 on my system, an error message prompted me.

The error message says:

It is currently not possible to connect to the CyberGhost VPN network.
Check your firewall settings and make sure that you have an active
Internet connection.


It is currently not possible to connect to the CyberGhost VPN network.
Check your firewall settings and make sure that you have an active
Internet connection