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Hello, I am an user of Norton 2015 anti virus. I don't know why but my Norton 2015 pro is detecting my computers EXE files as viruses. As detected it's deleting them one by one. Is there any one who can solve this problem immediately? I am using Windows XP.

Category: Anti-Virus Apps

Hello there,

When I try to update the existing Avira Internet Security version to Avira 2012 I ended up with an error message. This error stopped my installation from proceeding further. I try to re-install the version but no result and even I try to repair it. But the error remains persists, How to rectify this error? Please guide me to fix the error. Thanks.

Setup of Avira Internet Security 2012

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I have been using MBAM Anti Malware with great success on my Windows 7 Home Premium. I just got a message saying MBAM stopped working. I quit everything and restarted my computer but got same error. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but same error appears. Any ideas why this is happening?

Error image:

Error message:

[CreateService] Failed to perform desired action. Error code: 1072


The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Protection Module is already running


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Ok it seems like I am in need of McAfee encryption code of the day but I have absolutely no idea what that is, or where to get it. I have searched online, and after reading on some websites, the users told me that I should have it. I though it is better to post here, because you guys will help me with some details. What is this code and where can I find it? Thank you for all of your help.

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While I am using Ubuntu to eliminate a virus from Windows. I just get an error in Avast probably because of making an invalid argument.

Avast! Error

An error occurred in avast! Engine: Invalid argument

Whoa, the error appeared out of the blue… Please help me guys.

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Hello! We all know that Avira was known for its high – class antivirus softwares that has known for its high detection of serial computer viruses and malware. It was considered the 6th largest antivirus vendor in the world. Recently, I heard on the web a software called  Avira Premium Security Suite. Does anyone of you know this software? I think this is a good software because Avira made it. Any comments would be ok.

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Hello Techyv Users and Experts,

I am encountering a problem with virus fill cleaner software on My Windows XP PC. I am using Avira antivirus software on My PC. I am not able to start the scan using Avira antivirus on my PC after the system crash. Please help me out to rectify my problem. 

Thanks in advance.

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I am not able to log in to my Norton Account. It is signifying to verify “supplied credentials”. I need your help to solve it?

Norton Antivirus error message:


Failed to log in to your Norton Account. Please check the supplied cred entails.

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I did try to install latest version of Symantec Antivirus, But I could not install the antivirus because in the mid it stops and send me an error message which you can see at below. Does someone know how to resolve this? If than let me know I will be thankful to you.

Problem: Error 1714.

Problem: Error 1714. The older version of Symantec Antivirus cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.

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I did uninstall and reinstall the updater but the problem is still there. How I can get off of this. Any Idea?

Programs will not run

Problem: Copying of virus signature files failed and restoring of original virus signature files failed. Programs will not run. System error: The operation completed successfully.

Possible solutions

Please try to update again and see if the problem stdl occurs. If the problem occurs again, we strong recorrwnend that you contact our support center by selecting a link below.