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I am changing my computer that contains so important information such as my credit card pin, etc. I want to know what are the possible ways for disposing of a hard drive?

What do you mean by disaster recovery plan for small business? What is its purpose? What is it necessary? What kind of disaster?

Memory is very important part of the device or any system. Memory is the storage space of our documents. How to install memory in PC?

My flash drive has 4 GB space and I have a game which is 4.4 GB. I know there is a solution for it, we can compress the file using software and other ways. How to compress files on Windows?

Over the last few years, we came to hear about the companies data loss, stolen or leaked.This loss caused huge damage to the company in millions of dollars. What did the companies do to prevent the mistake to repeat? What are the data loss prevention best practices?

Data loss is a big problem for the ones who depend on the data for example an educational society. But if you loose the data and decide to recover it, the cost is what comes first in your mind. What is the data recovery cost per GB?

I have several files, documents, photos and audios on my iPhone. I need to have backup in case I loose them. How to backup your iphone to your computer?

I have many contacts on my iPhone. But due to some reasons I have lost them. Is there anyway through which they won't get lost. How to backup contacts on iPhone?

.Hi. I am very much interested in the concept of servers. Previously, I have even tried building a storage server. How to build a storage server? Also, what are the advantages of the same? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I am working in an IT firm. I want to build a backup server. How to build a backup server? What is the need to build the backup server? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.