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Hi. I have an HDD, and I had stored a lot of my important data on it. It is not working now because as soon I plug it in the PC, it does not get read. Is my HDD corrupted? What can be the causes of data loss? How can there be corrupted external hard drive data recovery? Also, how can I prevent situations further like these?

I have often come across the terms Warehousing and Data mining. What do they mean? What is the difference between Warehousing and Data mining?

My external data is not showing any data in it, although it is using some space. The data is not even hidden. What can I do for the external hard drive broken data recovery?

Which is the best way to backup computer data? Is putting all the files to the cloud the best way to create a backup of the data?

Hi. I want to install the updates on my Dell PC, but I don’t know the steps to do that. What are the steps for installing/uninstalling the Dell backup and recovery manager and also how to use it? Thanks in advance.

Often users report that when they try to send a file more than 4 GB to a flash drive it shows that not enough space is there for the file but when the users checks the availability of space in the flash drive there is more than enough. How to work around this problem?

Often even after we have configured our apache server properly, it keeps freezing for periods of time though no possible integration problem is found. Most common cause of this sudden stopping or freezing issues is the low availability of physical memory. How determine current memory usage and how to configure apache to do its best to run under current conditions?

Hi. Can you please let me know about the requirements for the active directory for Mac os x and the steps to be followed so as to join my Mac OS X PC to the Active Directory? Please reply ASAP. It is urgent.

Hi. I want to start using ADManager plus’s active directory last logon date tool. Can you please suggest what is required for using it effectively? Also, how can I use this tool and run it using Powershell?

It is a common problem for windows systems, we see that it is showing that our pendrive or external hard drive has data but when we open it there is nothing and we have lost all write privileges of the device. How can we practically solve this the easy way?