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How to recover data from the dead hard drive at home? What is the data recovery software that one can use for free to recover the data?

Hello, as I am new to this system, I am unable to run all the features of hyper v. Can you please help me to learn hyper v backup and restore?

When an information passes from source to sink, but is lost in between then the phenomenon is called packet loss. How to fix packet loss?

I need to backup my data of my Windows 7 computer. I have heard that crashplan is a good method for that. How to do a crashplan backup to network drive?

I want to build my own cloud server to store files and databases related to my business. And before I could buy I need to assets the cost for build your own cloud storage server.

I need to buy copy paper in bulk for my official use. I am running an Auditing firm and need to use these kind of papers very often. How can I buy these papers in a bulk?

I had to format my computer due to a virus attack. I have all my data backed up on an external hard drive. I need to restore backup from the external hard drive to my computer now. What are the steps to do that? Thanks.

Hi. My hard disk has crashed, and I have no idea how to recover my data. All the data is of vital importance. How to recover data from crashed hard disk? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I am a student. I had stored all the data on my hard drive, and it is not working now. How to recover data from a dead hard drive? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I have recently started using MS-Excel. A few days back, a very important file got corrupted and won’t open. How to recover an Excel file? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.