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Bought brand new SanDisk Cruzer Switch 16 GB Pen Drive and it had a file named SecureVault.exe. I deleted this file accidently. Now I want to know:
>What is the function/use of this File?
>Can I get this file Back?
>Will the deletion of this file affect my personal data stored in this Pen Drive?

I have a Windows Phone 8. A friend told me that when I used One Drive, the Auto-Upload feature will filled my storage. I want to know if it's safe to enable this feature. I have a 4GB storage on my device. Can I perform an update considering the storage size? Please send me some guidelines on this issue. Thank you.

I found out that a few of my 64GB micro SD cards were actually 8GB each. Instead of throwing it out, I plan to use the good portion of those cards. Is there a utility I can use to map out or create a dummy file on bad sectors of a flash drive?

Hello everyone,

What is the best backup solution for an institution? My college always seems to loose student data and maybe it is because its hard to manage large data. What solution can manage such large data? Is the recovery complicated or is it simple? How is the whole thing done?


I have an Android device which is configured with two Google accounts that I mainly use to backup my data. I am not able to see the data in Google drive and I also can't see contacts from Gmail. Where do they back up all the data?

Hi all,

I stored some messages on my Android phone, I would like to keep a backup on my computer or any other form of backup available for a galaxy phone and also print some messages. How can I transfer contacts and messages from Samsung galaxy to PC? Can I print the messages from the phone or do I wait until I can print from the PC?

I have approximately 900 audio CD’s, which I would like to rip entire CD’s collection to my computer. Though it is a gigantic project and I would like to streamline this while retaining the best Nero rip quality. At first I would like to rip all the files into .Wav format and later on I may convert some files to lossless .Wma format for smaller file sizes . Give me advice for an excellent Nero program that  does it all very conveniently might be worth paying for, also  I am not in favor to compromise with Nero rip quality.

I need protected DVD maker software for the safety of my confidential DVD’s. Is there any paid version or trial version protected DVD maker,can someone suggest me the best available software for this purpose?

Here is one problem that puzzles me.

I am currently putting files in our cloud server when suddenly I have encountered this error message which I do not understand personally.

What does this mean? Help anyone.

I have pasted the error message below for your reference.



The SAS server “DefaultServer” that you specified is no longer available. That server selection has been automatically replaced with an available server.

Please update the 'SAS server' and 'Default value' field as necessary.


I have a small business that requires a lot of paper work. As I’m getting tired with all these too many papers, I’m considering switching to the so-called paperless business. I’ve heard of this IBM document imaging family, how do you think they can assist me in processing a paperless business? Kindly let me know as I’m really keen to learn how this paperless business is done. Thanks.