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I am desperately trying to configure ShareX so that it can work with my cloud storage account on pCloud. However, I recently realized that the problem is that it is not in the list of supported uploaders. I have to add a custom uploader now but I am not sure how it is done. Can someone explain to me how to go about it?

Category: Remote Access

I need to store many files online to avoid losing them. They are many and I need a cloud hosting solution that would not charge me a lot. At present, I am using mega that has 50 GB free storage but I do not know if it is appropriate for storing sensitive information. Should I be worried about the security of my documents? What are the best cloud storage services available today? What kind of features should I look for when seeking for one?

Category: Remote Access

Why is my skydrive not verifying the email address I share my file with? I send a skydrive link to a colleague to access a file on my skydrive, but he log in with a different email address different from the one I use in the invite and skydrive doesn’t complain, granting him access. Is my skydrive under attack? How can I enforce skydrive to strictly enforce the email in the invite sent?

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When I try to run the Java application I get this error often, it’s little bit irritating me. I have window 8 operating system, it’s a personal computer I am the administrator. So I think I have full access and permission to execute all type of files. What will be the problem? Not able to think out of box, help please.

Configuration file cannot be written.

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Hello Guys!

Do you know how to use the Dameware Remote Support Software? Do you have a user guide or sample tutorial on how to use the application? I really need to have the Dameware How to Send Message Guide or EBook. Do you think I can be able to find it on the web? Please anyone, if you are an existing user of Dameware, please provide your simple steps on how to use and send messages using the Dameware NT utilities. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello Techyv Friends!

Does anyone know the newest release version of the internet data storage or the online file storage?

Can you suggest your top 3 newest internet data storage?

Also, please provide the strengths and weak points of each product and tell us why do you think it’s the best internet data storage based on your experience?

Waiting to hear any inputs from the experts.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi expert, I need a help.

I want to read my files on a network drive from a JSP.

Is there specific software to read these files?

If you know please send the download link.

And send some helping tutorial explanations for how to use that software and explain other Special features, Main advantages and disadvantages.

Category: Remote Access

Hi, My computer has an on-board VGA driver.

I need to update MSI driver sis VGA. I have to download the drivers of MSI and I need the updates too.

So please provide me some URLs to download it. I would be happy if you give it as soon as possible.


Category: Remote Access

I've figured out how to host FTP server. Hide your IP step is now a puzzle. I don’t know how to hide the  IP address of my server. Are there possible workaround for this?

Category: Remote Access

Hi techyv,

What is all about logmein access work from home? Can logmein software application can allow the user to access the desktop at home while working in the office? What if we need files and nobody is available of operating the computer on the other end?

Hoping for your help. Thanks.