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Hello! Random access memory(RAM) as we all know it is in all the computers. My question is how does it communicate with the computer? When does it perform its role? What are its advantages? Are there any disadvantages too? What kind of data is stored in RAM? Are there different types of RAM?

Category: Storage

Hello! I have a few questions related to virtual memory. The questions are the following:

1) As the name suggests it is not a real memory so does it actually exist?

2) Is it more in storage than the RAM and hard disk?

3) Is it faster than RAM and hard disk?

4) What kind of circumstances forced us to use virtual memory?

Category: Storage

Hello! When we save something in our computer, we know it gets saved in the hard disk on permanent basis. So consider this situation, I am working in MS-Word and when I click on the icon to save my document and when it is saved, what exactly happens in the hard disk and in what manner is the document saved in the hard disk? I mean we all know computer understands only binary(0 and 1) so this procedure must be complicated, right?

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I have a few files on a floppy disk. I know that this is a very dated means of storage. Can anyone help me to find a way to access floppy disk? Also I heard that floppy disk can be deteriorated by moisture. Is that true. I know this is quite difficult but can anyone tell me how to fix it?

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My teacher taught us about Cache Memory. She told about L1 cache but gave no hint about L2 cache. I want to know the exact location of L2 cache in the Computer. What is its use and how it works in co-ordination with L1 cache. What is its maximum capacity. Where is it installed? The Proper Location.

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What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Dropbox over Google Drive? I am an African businessman who deals in exportation and importation of rubber aside my group of companies in Ghana and I would like to have an online storage space to keep my vital documents. By so doing I wish to get an expert recommendation with respect to these two online storage files. Thank you.

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Hi there,

This error appeared while I was working in Azure Storage Emulator. I have verified the processes and is not used by another process and this error still appears. Can anyone help me to fix this one ? What could be the another process that is using Windows Azure Storage Emulator ?

Thank you !

Storage Emulator

Windows Azure Storage Emulator

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process


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Hello experts,

I am running Mac Operating System and have installed Adobe Bridge but can’t use this software properly. I got the following error message at the startup of Adobe Bridge. I receive this error as a normal network user and as a directory administrator. Do you have any idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Line 220 throw localize

Error in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts/AdobeLibrary2.jsx

Line 220: throw localize “$$$/WAS/Store/err3=Error Reading Storage Information: File not found):

Category: Storage


I am just trying to access the memory report using a detector which allows to trace the context but doing this action an error message shows on the screen. This message is creating problems in my work so I want to fix it as soon as possible. Please suggest me solution resulting in steps. Thanks for any assistance.

Allocation error reading results from trace context

Allocation error reading results from trace context – (mt)