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I used PagePlus X6 before since it works fine with my Brother MFC-6490 AIO Scanner and also with my Adobe and Corel. However, when I used PPX7, I've got an error. Printing also works fine with PPX7 except for the scanner. But I don't want to change any of the scanner settings. How can I resolve this? The error given is:


Failed to initialize TWAIN.

Ensure that a 64-Bit TWAIN data source and driver are installed and configured.


Category: Software Others

I have a problem with my Adobe Lightroom 2.7. I am running it with my OS X 10.6 and it crashed while I am choosing a photo. So I forced close it and restarted the program. But upon opening I was notified with an error:

Corrupt Catalog Detected

The Lightroom catalog "lightroom_catalog" is corrupt and cannot be used or backed up until it is repaired.

A message with further instructions will be displayed when the repair process is complete.

Category: Software Others

I badly needed an answer to this query. I am trying to sort it out but I couldn't find a reliable information. I am running Dreamweaver CC 13.1 Build 6443 and Extension Manager Version 7. It runs on my OS X 10.9. And I am trying to install extension palette from Dreamweaver but it failed with an error. Please help me fix it. The error is shown below:


Adobe Extension Manager

This extension can not be installed, it requires Dreamweaver version 12 or greater.

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I can't publish a package from the Framework Manager to the Cognos Connection. An error is appearing when doing it. I am running Windows Vista and I am already logged in in Framework Manager. I enclosed the error message below. What are the workarounds for this issue?

NewProject5 - Framework Manager

BMT-MDC-0001 Unable to publish.

     CCL-RCI-0002 The soap server returned a Soap fault.

           The error messages from WASP engine:

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I am getting an error on Zen Cart 1.5 on installing the website with OpenSuSE 11.3. After all the successful process, the error appears when visiting Zen Cart Setup Page on my browser to start the installation. After reading the Welcome page and agreed on the license agreements, an error is presented:

Zen Cart® Setup – System Inspection

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I am having issues on exporting the FC projects to the Apple Devices 1080p. I never had any issues before upgrading to Mac OS X Maverick. After playing the video for few minutes, the error showed up and the import fails. How can I be able to avoid getting this issue? I searched on the Internet for solutions but none helps. Thanks.

The share operation Apple Devices 1080p has failed

QuickTime Error: -50

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I'm about to play World of Tanks but logging in shows an error message. It says, "This server is temporarily unavailable. Please update your client or wait for a scheduled update." It seems strange since my Internet connection is working correctly. Can someone please help me resolve it? Thanks.

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Hello Experts!

I am having an issue with my BlackBerry Playbook. I don't know why and how it occurred but it keeps showing an Error 4003. It is a camera error and I can no longer use my camera as the error keeps showing when trying to access it with a black screen. I searched online and they said this is a bug from BlackBerry but I want to know if there is still a fix for this. My device is currently out of warranty so can someone please send a working solution for this? Thank in advance. I posted the image error but I apologize if it's not in English language.

Camera Error

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I just purchased SimCity 4 Origin. However, I was unable to install the game. It keeps showing an error message, "Error: The VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue". I tried to search for similar issues on the web but I can't find anything that works for me. Can someone please help?

Category: Software Others

I am installing the latest Photoshop CS6 Update but I have tried for few times now and it's still not working. The error is shown below. So far, I have tried to searched on the Internet on how to resolve this, but I could not find anything related. I also re-installed CS6 but it still won't update. I am really frustrated. Please help.

Update Failed

Updates could not be applied

The error log file may help you in identifying the problem. Then, try updating again. If the problems persist, contact customer support for further assistance.