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Hi I want software annual reports from 2008 to 2012 in PDF format. I do not know is it possible or not.I am new in browsing and I search in Google but no results. Please help if you know where I can find this information. If you can provide download link that will be fantastic.

Category: Software Others

Hello experts,

I want to download AP discover tool on my system running on windows 7. Please tell me which one is the best compatible with windows 7 and having user friendly interface also guide me about how can I get it for free online?

Category: Software Others

Hi Mates,

I have a question related to Team Viewer.

I am a new user to this software and hope this would help me connect to my friends systems to fix there software issues in which i am good at. But now i am stuck with a software issue which i need help with.

Critical Error!

Verification of your TeamViewer version failed!

TeamViewer will quit for security reasons. Please reinstall TeamViewer.


Can anyone help.


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Hello techyv experts,

I have a simple question

Does vlc support 3d view? how can i enable it? Or does VLC have a different software for it?

How does this work with the VLC player showing 3D on a normal monitor thats LCD or LED


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Hello, I am trying to find a way to improve the performance of my notebook. I have an HP Core 2Duo T5670, 1,8 GHz, 2GB RAM. I used to have win xp,but  now I have upgraded to win 7 and it works better. Searching the internet, I found a diagnostic tool, HP library and tape tools, and I want to know if it is good for my notebook. Thank you.

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I want to convert a PowerPoint presentation into video. I saw that leawo has many kinds of converters.  Which converter should I download, to be able to open my presentation on several types of computers?

Thank you

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I want to decode and intercept all instant message traffic received by the computer.

Is there any tools to decode ISDN message. If so, where can I download a suitable software for this purpose ?

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Hello experts, I am using windows 8 operating system. I have downloaded the NTI backup now advanced software and I have tried to install it. But I got some error message from system. So I need to know how to install NTI backup now advanced software for windows 8 OS. Thanks.

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Hello, I am using NTI backup now advanced software for restore my files. Sometimes it makes errors. I have lost my folder, so I restore it using NTI backup now advanced software. My word 2007 files properly restored, but my videos didn’t work. So please give me the answer and reasons for this error. Thanks.

Category: Software Others

I want to download barcode sap xerox font install.

Where can I find a secure copy?

I will be happy if you please include me some help resources about the use of the sap Xerox.