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I am exercising IES version6.4.0.1 while attempting to groom tool and combine two rooms into one room, I received an error message. Does somebody know about how to solve this?

Recalculate SunCast shading.
Error: Surface index out of range on rooms file: 121. Recalculate SunCast shading.
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I faced a problem while I was doing work on my project. The problem came at the time of shutting a door in the middle of the two rooms. Later with the collapse I have attempted to explore my project one more time however EVO shows an error message. What should I perform at this time?

Need assistance.

Unrecoverable error during geometry update
Error message: “Unrecoverable error during geometry update”!
How to solve this?
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I am attempting to attach Dreamweaver cs3 to a server. On the other hand I received FTP error message.

How I can adjust it?

The remote host cannot be found.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

An FTP error occurred – cannot make connection to host. The remote host cannot be found.


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While retrieving a file I receive an error message which shows that an error exist in the XML document. How can I rid off from this error? If somebody knows the solution please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Error There is an error in Xml Document


There is an error in XML document.

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When I am trying to save a file in Report Creator all time I receive this error message. What is going on here? How this can be getting off of here? Help me.

save a file in Report Creator

Report Creator

You don’t have the required permission to save the file.

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I always receive this error message. What is this? Why is this happening over here? Any idea to resolve this please help me.


Failed to load


Dlmpit.dll (126)!

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When I open XML for Analysis Provider I find the below error. How can it resolve? Any idea

XML for Analysis Provider

XML for Analysis Provider

Specify a value for variable variable for 53C001C

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Hi there,

I try to add a new display card to replace the old one and add a GPU slot. However the error message appears and says the GPU index is not set and has no default.  Please find below the screenshot for your reference.  Does anyone know how to resolve this please?  Have I done something wrong?

Thank you in advance.

On the client “local” 127.0.1:36330: Option ‘gpu index’ has no default and is not set.

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Here below is the screenshot of a message. This message appears when I try to quit the program.

I have no idea whether I shall save the changes or not.

Could any expert advise me what I have to do please?

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.

Save changes to profile “Sales Department” before closing?

If you don’t save, changes from the last 2 minutes will be permanently lost.

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When I try to use Messiah’s Dysprosium to re-size a portable document format file with an extension of .Pdf, an error message appears. The message says that the font is unrecognized or corrupted.  Here below is the screenshot of the message for your information.

Does any expert know the solution?  Any suggestion is welcome. 

Thank you for your attention.

Dysprosium: Messiah’s codes for us PDF software suite


Corrupted or unrecognized font ().