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When I go for launching the installed free stream GOM player, I receive an error message like the one- “Error code: 0x0000051" and it is unable to load the stream.”

I have attempted for reinstallation to solve the issue.

Can you please help me?

Category: Software Others

In my system, I installed Nero version 10 and tried several times to open it. When I try to open the .Vob file, the power dvd of Cyberlink gives me an error message " fatal error: installation corrupted, please reinstall Nero".

I used another application program to open the same file. Now it gives me the message - this program requires the file advrcntr2.dll, which was not found on this system"

What is the problem here?

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Getting my DIRECTV nomad instantly, I have connected it to the router (wirelessly connected). I can see its three blue lights on. It just got a DHCP address (I’ve verified that) ; but I am unable to login in my account of Nomad application software which I have installed in my notepad. While entering directly to DIRECTV through login, it gives me an error message like- ‘’ No network connection detected. Please connect to your home network and Try Again.’’

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I have upgraded recently my Drupal 6.13 to the latest one (version 6.25). All was going fine. When I go for editing using edit tab, a blank white page appears in Firefox with an http 500 error in IE9.

Can anyone help me here please?

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After not being very lucky with the last videocard, I changed my video card to a device with the chipset of Philips 713 x
Now on having selected apprehension video, salt the following message:
One could not initialize the plugin of video capture.

Open driver failed

It is not possible to create the filter of apprehension of video

I have just installed (SAA7130 TV PCI card) with more recent controllers, excluding the software so that Video Studio 12 pro is the only software of apprehension of the machine

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This morning I try to make on-the-fly Samba Shares with Dolphin. An error message appears and it says that the folder sharing is failed. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

Does any expert know the meaning of the error message please? Any suggestion to solve this error? Thanks in advance.

Error - Dolphin

An error occurred while trying to share folder ‘/home/jhon/suseshare’. Make sure that perl script ‘fileshareset’ is set suid root.

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Hello, when I use K-Meleon version 1.1.6. To open an URL, an error message appears. Please find below screenshot for your reference.

The error message is annoying. Could anyone explain why the message appears and any suggestion to solve this issue? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Windows cannot fin http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/. You may have typed the name incorrectly in the run dialog, or another open program cannot find a system file. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click search.

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Hi there,

I use SeaMonkey to browse websites and it works fine. However, recently an error message continues to appear. It seems that this message does not appear in other browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox. The web pages display normally though the error message is very annoying.

I have contacted ISP Comcast to find any solutions and they do not help and simply ask me to use another browser like IE. Does anyone know that if the configurations or settings are incorrect? And what should I do to tackle the error? Thanks in advance.

Secure Connection Failed

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I opened the port 25374, this is the port TCP emulate, then I use canyouseeme.org to verify if really it is opened.
I have the very rare (strange) problem:

When the eMule was working, canyouseeme.org it saw my port. I received the message: ' success: I see its service in xxx.xx.xxx.xx in the port (25374) its ISP is not blocking Port 25374'

When enclosure emulates then he(she) verifies the new port of canyouseeme.org I have: Error: I could not see its service in xxx.xx.xxx.xx in the port (25374) reason: exhausted the connection time

But when I am going to extinguish the windows firewall it gives me a different error: Error: I could not see its service in xxx.xx.xxx.xx in the port (25374) reason: Connection refused

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When I try to install GnuCash and Homebank in my system Owed squeeze 6.04 using the center of Software the error message goes out for me:

'It is not possible to solve dependencies on bundles'

Under the details card there is a bundle they appear: python-apt

When I open the agent of bundles Synaptic shows python-apt like(as) installed and updated.

How can I know if it is a question of a conflict between bundles or what additional bundles are needed?

What must I do to solve it?

Of course these two bundles must be capable of installing and of executing on my system.

If not someone suggests a good similar bundle that it might use in its place?