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On my PC, I am running Windows XP. I have noticed that while running a few programs like FireFox, VLC Media Player and AIM, the active window deactivates all of a sudden and I have to click it again to activate it. The colour of the window also becomes lighter in shade. Why does this happen? How can I correct it?


I am having the following ProfileEditor.exe Windows error. I get this error message every time I start my computer or any program. The error shows the source file is corrupted. What could be the cause of this error? How can I fix it easily? Need your assistance. Thanks.

Error An error occurred while trying to extract ProfileEditor.exe The source file is corrupted.


An error occurred while trying to extract ProfileEditor.exe

The source file is corrupted.

Where can I find indesign templates on the internet? I am looking for an educational textbook template indesign. Also I read about a few tutorials to create such a template myself but what is a master page?

I am working on an application that allows two PDF documents to open in distinct forms. The forms are arranged on top of each other and the top form permits the transparency of the PDF to be arranged so that the user can associate the two documents for the differences. So far I am able to get the basic zoom features  to work with both PDF documents, so that their positioning remains  same.  Is there any dynamic zoom software for multiple PDF documents to make the dynamic zoom and pan features?

Looking for an innovative tool for the website menu maker for Mac OS X. Recommend any good software with a dropdown menu generator which may contain several predefined designs and enables us to create awesome designs even if user have higher knowledge of creation. Also software must contain a wide selection of web graphics and website templates. Please recommend full version website menu maker for Mac OS X as early as possible. 

Hi, everyone!

Do you know any script error checker software program? I would like to know if there's any program like this that could detect script errors without even executing it. It would really help me with my work if I could correct scripts before executing it so that I could save more time, hence I could make more scripts daily. Please share in those links (if there are any).

Thanks in advance!

Hello guys!

I'm currently making my own website. I would like to put an add picture command to it but I can't seem to do it. I guess there's something wrong with html codes I'm using. Do you know any html templates for this?

Please help me. Thanks!

Hi Guys, I work a lot with excel files, so with lists, I would like to know whether he is a easy list separator software, who can help me in my work, I would be happy for all your comments. 

Thank you!

Hi, experts! I am in need of a simple html login design template for my website. Are there any free downloadable templates for this one? Please share them on this site. I would really love to keep my website as simple as possible, hence, I would appreciate it more if you'll try to find plain templates for me. Thanks in advance!