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I am designing an eBook for publication on Amazon. Currently, the book is written in Word document but, I have been told this could be converted to HTML for easy processing when I upload onto Amazon website. I would like someone who has experience doing this kind of work help me with some guidelines on how to convert from word to HTML and how to edit the HTML to make the work more presentable. What standards must I follow when doing the editing of the HTML file? What font sizes and margin should I use?

I am a novice LaTeX user so please bear with me. I want to know how you can convert LaTeX file to other file formats. for example, how can I convert a LaTeX file to a PDF or Microsoft Word document? Can you also tell me how I can achieve the opposite? In other words, how can I convert a file from Word or PDF to LaTeX?


I want to put some graphs and images in my LaTeX document before submitting the document. Could you please help me by enumerating the steps required to do this? Which file formats for images work best in LaTeX and what resolution should I use for the images?

Could someone provide me with easy-to-follow step by step guidelines to design a professionally-looking document in Adobe in-design? I am not looking for detailed explanation but simple steps that can get me results in no time. But I would also like a link to a site that gives much more information about using some advanced features of In-design. Thank you.

I have a simple question for someone to help me with. I would like to know how to design an eBook in Microsoft Word or any appropriate text editing tool. Please provide me with some sort of brief guideline for me to follow to achieve this vision in one day.

Has anyone tried writing journal articles with Lyx text-editing software? I would like to find out if this particular software is recommended for writing journal articles. What things do I need to pay attention to in order to get a good result? What challenges did you face when attempting to write a journal article in Lyx?


I want to write journal articles with a different text editing software because I understand that they are much more able to do more complex and mathematical things better than Word or other common text-editing software. It seems LaTeX will be an ideal candidate. Could you please give me a brief guideline to follow when writing journal articles in LaTeX? This will get me off to a good start, and then I will continue from there to more advance features.


Hi, I would like someone to help me with file conversion conventions used in LaTeX text editing software. First of all what options are available to me for converting files developed in LaTeX to other formats. What has been your experience dealing with file conversion in LaTeX. What do I have to do to get the best result?

I want to create a template for journal articles in LaTeX. How do I get started on this journey? How should the layout be done to ensure that everything will work out just alright, when it comes to the actual write-up? What should I take into consideration when doing the template?

I want your opinion on this if you can help. I would like to know which of these two software is more powerful in getting a lot of complicated work done and why you find it the best of the two. Which aspect of the software did you find very appealing?