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Virtualization allows you to use more than one operating system on one PC. It has number of application for companies like VMware and Oracle. It is also useful for people like us, who use desktop computers. How to do live migration of virtual machines?

List out the main features of help desk and asset management software? What is the No.1 help desk and asset management software in the market?

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I have been appointed as the Project Manager in my Company for a limited time. I want to make the best out of it. I require the best Cross Platform Project Management Software. Which Software will be the best for me?

I have been using the support from the software itself but now I am not able to access the sage mas 90 support. Where can I access support for the software’s help for my further quires?

Hi. I want to perform an Array SSL VPN client download on my PC. I tried doing that earlier but got an error saying application not supported. Can you please let me know about the installation, how to logout and how to uninstall the already downloaded client? Thanks in advance.

I was reading an article about IBM and came across a term as400 terminal. I am usually a computer geek so I was surprised I had never heard of that term. I would like if someone could explain that to me.

These two terms frame relay and MPLS are very familiar and have some similarities. But they both are different. I want to know about the differences in those frame relay vs. MPLS.

Find out where you can find the best monitoring service software? Does the free server monitoring software checks for FTP servers and web servers as well?

Do I need any other software to run free print management software? Can the print management software print the files in bulk within a folder?

It keeps on showing me that an application is still running and we have to wait before it turns off. Is there any way that I can resolve this problem? What are the cause of this issue? Is there any alternative way that we can do to permanently resolve this? What are the things that I need to remember and do to avoid this from happening again? Is there any software that I can download to avoid this? Please give instructions on how to upgrade this laptop's hardware and what are the guidelines in doing the process.

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