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I need to make a website for my child welfare organization. It would have track records and information about our organization. As it would contain track records then definitely is has data base which means I have to use php or sql.Moreover the website should be fully dinamic.I just want a software which uses easy drag and drop features and we can create database in it at a same time. Anyone knows such kind of software please help.

How do I detect if Open VPN Connect in iOS is installed? I am trying to develop an app and the .ovpn file needs to be imported to OpenVPN. I have to know first if the Open VPN Connect has been installed in the iOS device or not. I look forward to your responses. 


I have this error with license for Adobe. I can’t activate it and I don’t know why. It is my first software with a license so I am newbie with this. I contacted the Adobe support but no answer. Can anyone help me to fix this? Please tell me the steps to activate my software.

Thank you!


Cannot find curllib.dll. Please re-install this application


Hello there,

This morning this error appeared when I tried to connect to my cousins PC. I would like to make the necessary updates but as you can see in the error image I am asked to update my software. Can anyone help me with this error? Is it necessary to do so?

Your partner uses a newer vresion of TeamViewer. Would you like to update TeamViewer now to establish a connection?



I have this Xilinx error when I try to connect to server. I tried to solve this with a DLL fixer but still this error. I copied the DLL manually and still I didn’t get rid of it. Please someone help me with this DLL. How can it be solved?


The program can’t start because FTD2XX.dIl is missing from your

Hello trouble shooters,

I downloaded GNS3 in my computer, the download and installation is pretty good without any problem. But the problem is when I add the color scheme to default settings and then I added the IP to the host name there the problem appeared. I have access and authorized to the network connection. But then what might be the problem. Please suggest me some solution. Thanks in advance.

Unable to open connection to

Network error: Cannot assign requested address

Hi troubleshooters,

I recently upgraded my system to Windows 7, everything looked perfect to me. But suddenly I am getting an error message when I try to use Putty connection to connect to Linux server. I cannot use Putty Connection in Windows 7? Is it a bug in Putty connection? Please help me to resolve the connection? Your help is great.

An unexpected error occurred :

Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY Connection Manager\puttycm.log’ is denied..

Check log for further informations. (C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY Connection Manager\puttycm.log)


When I am trying to update my phone, I am getting this odd error message. The options I tried are, via direct download update I am getting ‘Network connection error’. I am getting same error if I connect with the PC via Ovi Suite too. If I connect with the Nokia Software update software there it says ‘service is currently unavailable. Please try again’. And I checked the internet connection it is perfect. I tried many times but the no luck. Please help to update my phone. Anyone has faced or facing this problem? Please contribute your ideas. Thanks in advance.

Hello Whiz,

When I try to install the Smartsync Pro in my computer I got this error message. The error states that it ‘can’t resolve hostname to IP address’ I checked the configuration and connection everything seems to be good to me. Help me to figure out the problem. Your help is great. Thanks.

Can’t resolve hostname to IP address.

Hello experts,

I am searching for an alternative on my Tungsten E2 PDA. It is not necessarily have to be a mobile phone but anything that is Wi-Fi capable. The 10" tablets are too big for me and I don't like the 7" either. Can someone suggest some good alternatives for my PDA device?