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These two terms frame relay and MPLS are very familiar and have some similarities. But they both are different. I want to know about the differences in those frame relay vs. MPLS.

Find out where you can find the best monitoring service software? Does the free server monitoring software checks for FTP servers and web servers as well?

Do I need any other software to run free print management software? Can the print management software print the files in bulk within a folder?

It keeps on showing me that an application is still running and we have to wait before it turns off. Is there any way that I can resolve this problem? What are the cause of this issue? Is there any alternative way that we can do to permanently resolve this? What are the things that I need to remember and do to avoid this from happening again? Is there any software that I can download to avoid this? Please give instructions on how to upgrade this laptop's hardware and what are the guidelines in doing the process.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Where can I apply IP Address Management? What is Multi-Server Management and Monitoring, why is this needed to use? How to deploy IPAM? Is Virtual Address Space Management available in Windows Server 2012? What are Key features of network audit included? Does IPAM in Windows Server 2012 support any external database? Can IPAM provide IP address utilization trends for IPv6? How does IPAM track IP address and how do I get benefits? Is it supported Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)? Thank You

I really don't know what's going on inside the WiFi application which I have installed on my PC. Is says that my speed is 52MBPS while I'm getting the download speed of 500KBPS maximum. What is the meaning of that 52MBPS? What is the relation between 52MBPS and 500KBPS? Is the application fake?

I have a friend of mine who is in Skype and I wanted to able to call him from my mobile phone, is it possible to make such a call? What would I need to do to make such a call to his Skype number and what are the charges of such a call? 

I want to able to capture a background music in a particular website, how can achieve this? what software can achieve this with ease? How do i obtain such a software and what would be the delivery format from the software? Does the software provide for pauses between the recording?

After upgrading my tablet to Android Lollipop 5.0.2, I have tried out the ShareIt app and it completely refuses to work. I understand the app is supposed to work by creating a wireless connection that members connect to and make it possible to share files. Are there any settings that must be changed in Lollipop since it was working well on KitKat? I believe it is not a problem with my connection, if it is please advise me. If you have solved a similar problem, guide me through the process.

Hello, im an ICT officer on my attachment and i was wondering if someone could help me with any information regarding the best wireless networking device that i can use to transmit a wifi network on a small town 5km radius taking into account the building obstacles around and trees