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Hello, I am using pentaho report designer. I got a problem with it. I need know how to report designer pentaho sum two columns? I tried to do it. Unfortunately it didn’t work. So experts please help me to resolve it. thanks.

Hello expert, presently I am having Macintosh OS on my system. Does Macintosh support anti CCC software.

If so, what operating systems support at CCC software. What are graphics accelerators that are available in the auto CCC software. Is generic graphics drivers are in built with at CCC software?

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I have Premiere Pro CS4  and have encoded several hours worth of f4v splitter files , now I want to edit f4v files, is there any way that I can edit 4fv files? If there are other 3rd party solution then tell me about it.


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Can anyone tell me from where can I change my Winamp plugins?  I don’t know its settings and please tell me where can I find winamp plugins location I mean its directory from where can I access it.

Hi, I have downloaded and installed Adobe Dreamweaver widget browser on my iMac but whenever i try to sign in I receive an error message saying "Unable to load WSDL" and asks me to check my internet connection, which works fine.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

I've tried restarting my PC and reinstalling the program but it didn't help.


I want to make an info graph. For this, I need some snapshots of my opened application.

How I can capture the snapshots of the application?


Recently I have downloaded a Movie in HD print and now trying to separate audio from it.

As I want the same quality of audio like in the video.

I have tried different tools to convert but bad quality of sound is raised.

Any solution related to get audio from a movie clip mac as it has become challenge for me.

Hi expert,

I need your help. I am facing problems with my vlc player. Whenever I try to play any avi file, it shows a message “error 109”.

How can I repair codec error 109?

Please, tell me in detail as I can solve the problem.

Please, narrate everything as easily as possible as I am a beginner. 


I want a application to allows me to download flash video files. That’s why I really need the application of arcsde 11 linux download files at software informer. Please help to find a software that has 5 stars rating or you can link me the site. That has good quality program and also for free. Thank you so much.


I came to know that Zoom player was available with the visualizer , If so how large the screen (visualizer) wider in pixels , Hence which formats are supported by visualizer for Zoom player, How can zoom player software differentiate between audio and video formats,

Is it possible to take video snapshots and video cuttings ?