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Good day,

I have downloaded Nero software version 12 trial version. I can’t install this software because it gives an error that I don’t have enough space in drive C. Can someone guide me how can I install it in some other partition?



I want to broadcast my webcam and microphone live to some of my friends at a time. I know filezilla ipv6 address helps in this regard. How can I get it? Please, tell me in detail about its uses also.


Hello and good day everyone!

My friend requested to me that if I know any software for creating streaming videos with different genres like interactive, sport, lifestyle, for kids and others. But sadly I don’t know any software for making streaming videos. So experts, would you mind if I ask you, does anyone of you know any software for making streaming videos? Any help would be nice.

Hi all, I am  wondering why every mask that I created using ArcGis advanced drawing disappear when I try to print or export from ArcMap.

Am sure there is nothing wrong in my layers.

Any help, please? 

Hi, I have an error with my Asus Rotation Desktop but only for game desktop, others are all okay.

I reinstalled it by driver CD, I also did the repair from control panel, sometimes rotating desktop depends on the other Asus application but I don't have any of these installed in my PC.

So any ideas, please?

I use TRP media converter to convert TRP files to mpeg and flv video files.  The converter now crashes when launched ever since I upgraded my OS to Windows 8.  Is there a work around or patch for this?  Thanks.

Hi there.  I would like to make a QuickTime movie clip with the classic number countdown at the beginning.  Can someone teach me how to countdown MOV?  I have QuickTime 7 on a Windows XP 64 bit Sp 2 system.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

Hello and good day to all of you!

We know that Quick play software was made or pioneered by Hewlett-Packard that allows users to play multimedia without booting the computer to the main OS. QuickPlay software was also known as QuickPlay or HP QuickPlay. So here is my question, being popular of this media player, where can I download this QuickPlay software?  Is it still available? What is the latest version of it? Thank you very much.


I’d like to know about the uses of auto genre identifier tools for mp3. From where and how can I get it easily? Is it free of cost? Please, tell me in detail about it.


Hi.  A friend sent me a ton of AAC audio files.  My Windows Media Player version can't play the files so I'm looking for a software to play AAC audio files.  Can someone suggest a good software for this?  I'm on Windows XP 64 bit SP2.  Thanks