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When I go for installation of adobe reader on my PC (I’m using Windows 7), the system shows me an error message like the given in the screenshot. Can you please help in this regard?

Install_reader10_uk-mssd_aih.exe-System Error

“Install_reader10_uk-mssd_aih.exe-System Error

The Program can’t start because sliprt.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”


The Adobe setup installer gives me the error message like the given one in the screenshot. Can you give me the solution for it?

Critical errors were found in setup for Adobe Setup:

“Adobe Setup Installer-Alert

System check

Critical errors were found in setup for Adobe Setup:

Sessions has dependencies that cannot be satisfied.

Please see the Setup log file for details. Click Quit to exit Setup.”

Just opening one of my sample files, I got this error message shown in the screenshot. After opening the file, I went from running the wizard after selecting the YouTube buttons. After a while the Inventor Publisher is giving me that message. How can I do it now?

Failed to publish AVI

Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2012

Failed to publish AVI

There is not enough memory to continue the execution

I installed a FaceCam 1000X 720p HD CMOS with Genius video cam express v2 software on my Windows 7 64 bit desktop.  When I launched the webcam, all I see is a black screen on the video window.  Is the webcam defective or do I just have to update the driver?

I have found a lot of VIDEO_TS.BUP files in my computer and I can't remember putting them there.  I'm trying to open them on VLC Media Player but I'm having error messages.  Would installing necessary drivers and codecs play and execute the file?  Where can I download BUP opener freeware for Windows XP 64 bit?

I accidentally deleted my Qvod player.  I use Qvod 5.0 to watch streaming content and play multimedia files like mov, mpeg4, avi and also has a very easy to use interface.  I have been searching the web for the installer but couldn't find any.  Where do I search download Qvod?  I use Windows XP 64 bit.  Thanks.

I would like to create a 3D light design and plot for a stage play.  Where can I find light designer software and their capabilities?  I need software for 2D drafting and 3D modelling.  I'm on Windows 8 Metro.  Thanks.

I have been a Microsoft user since I used a computer.  Someone sent me a lot of media H.264 files from Apple TV.  Can ImacSoft Apple TV convert MPEG-4 file format to AVI and MPEG file format?  I'm on Windows 8 Metro.

I just purchased a LiteOn external DVD writer 8x and I'm looking for a software to go with it. Can Astonsoft DeepBurner copy ISO images for my back-up and create labels and booklets? I have already upgraded to Windows 8 Metro.


I have always used Alcohol 120 for burning DVD's and CDs into images but I recently had to reformat my PC and could not locate my CD software. 

Where can I find the Alcohol soft CD? 

I'm on Windows Vista 64 bit.