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I have used the vue 10 infinite for designing the nature and it was really great thing for that. I have installed it on my laptop powered by Windows 7. Now I am expanding my design services and I would like to install this software on pc with Mac. I wonder is it compatible with Mac? Thanks for the information!

Could you advise me how to use java mdi form web browser based? I am asking about Jdic using. For opening the single browsing it works well. But my needs are to open this browser in mdi form. When I tried to open that, there was a problem. First page can be opened and everything is ok with that, however, supposing to minimize and restoring this page makes it got cleared and after that this page can’t be refreshed. The trial to open more browsers gives this again and again, so, nothing works as the result. How to solve this?

Hello! I am new in music production and sound engineering. I have been using adobe audition, Wavelab and reason 5 for all my projects. A friend of mine has been providing me with some plugins but was not able to get a sound nature vst plugin for my latest project. How can I get the plugins? Does it cost some money? How effective is it in producing quality natural sounds? Thanks.

Hi there! My Ubuntu applet radio has totally failed to work. I installed it recently and I was able to use it from the tray icon but lately it disappeared and it does not show anywhere. I am not sure which one specifically it was but it basically aided in playing online radio. Which ones can I use to achieve the same purpose? I would like one that is able to show in the tray at the notification area. Thanks.

Hi! I realized that poser is very good for carrying out animations for different projects that I undertake in the arts industry. However, I kind of feel that the poser library is a bit limited for my needs. Is there poser libraries people can use to enhance their animations to meet the highly growing needs? Thanks.

Hello there! I am deeply into world of warcraft but at times find it a bit demanding since I have not been able to acquire free wow DNS. Can someone shed some light on how this whole thing works and how I can be able to acquire the domain name system? Kindly put it in a simple way that I can understand. Thanks a bunch.

I have a good ps2 joystick and I can play some game with this. The problem is I can not play some games and but the most issue is I can not use to vibrate. Is the problem with driver? Then from where I can get drivers ps2 joystick?

Hello Techyv's

I need help with some thing here. I installed xnormal after i installed cs6 and it didn't show up in my filters section so I uninstalled it and re installed it and its still not showing up.

So, my exact question is how do I get scripts to show up in the Photoshop script menu?Also how do I get the xnormal plugins to show up as well?



Edward Rand.

Hello expert, I have to edit some video files using the best software. So my one of best friends told me about the Sony Vegas software. So I need Sony Vegas reverb download. I think it is the best software and related one for my work. Please give me the links or website to download the software free and full version. Thanks. 

I would like to get the software related to free mediaget accelerator or exact that one to get any compressed video or movie downloaded for the couple of minutes. Generally, can that be done by that software or it is just talks?

Please tell me, dear experts! If it is possible, give me the link of that great software.