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Hi, I’m coming up with an e-book on advantages of updating audio driver. It will be great to have a fresh inputs on this especially details with year 2012 to 2013 release of new speakers, earphones, headphones, mic, etc. that won’t work anymore with old sound cards. I appreciate your help!

I have a lot of avi format home movies in my 64 GB SD Card.  I just installed AOA DVD ripper SE 5.3.3 so I could burn and transfer them into a DVD disc.  The program crashes when launched.  What could be the problem?  I'm on Windows 8.  Thanks.

I have a lot of avi video files that I would like to convert into H.264 video or MPEG-4 format so I could watch it on my 32 GB 4th Generation iPod Touch.  What is the best software to convert avi file format to iPod Touch format?


I faced a problem on TurboCAD. I loaded two .bmp files to compare in TurboCAD. When I press compare button this error message is appearing. The error message says,” Selected images have different size: 600×450 and 3000×2000

The utility can compare images of the same size only.”

The utility can compare images of the same size only

I have installed a version with license of volume of expression Studio 4 Ultimate. When I communicated with support, they said to me that a product key is not necessary for the license version for volume.
But later I installed it to myself, salted the following error message:

A licensing error has occurred. Restart your Expression program and try again. If you continue to receive this error message, reinstall your Expression program to make sure that the license installs correctly.”

“Expression Blend


I used Adobe Acrobat smoothly. But recently I faced a problem to open a .pdf file. An error message appears. The error message says,” The font ‘ADCOLH+Arial-Black’ contains a bad/BBox.” Can anybody help?

Adobe Page Maker Error

Hi all Techyv users,

I have a "Show your Innovation Art" competition in my college. I want to give a strong competition to others, so I have decided to edit my nature clicks to some photo conversion art pictures. Can anyone help me in finding me some software that can edit pictures to photo conversion art theme, so that I can have best editing collection.

Cinema 4D error message: I have attempted to install Cinema 4D however it is not installed properly and is showing the below messages all the time let me know what is this error and why it troubles?

ePMV is not correctly installed

‘Cinema 4D Studio
ePMV is not correctly installed.
Try to reinstall
/Users/brandonbell/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R13_DA28FA2D/mgltools.dir/Users/frandonbell/ Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R13_DA28FA2D/plugins/ePMV/MGL ToolsPckgs.’

Cinema 4D error message: Files are not able to be put in writing in Cinema 4D. What is this and why I am not able to do this?


Files cannot be written - please check output paths!


Please let me know why is this error occurred and what steps I should follow to resolve this issue.

Hi all,

I am using pwer director 8 for editing my videos. I am facing a problem in production where Power director stretch the resultant video into 720 x 480, I can see any option that would change the settings, and Power director resolution avi dv has nothing to do with it, right?

Where am I going wrong? Can you guess what I am missing here?