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Hello expert, I am using illustrator cs6 for editing pictures. I want to add a cad plugin for illustrator cs6 free. So I need to get cad plugin free and full. So I need the best and related website to download it. Please suggest me the website. Thank you. 

Hi experts,

Is there a specific way in the Aiseesoft iPhone software that I can automate conversion of videos from different formats of videos available on Internet to iPhone compatible format.


While troubleshooting my network and connection problem I found that I need a driver. Where can I get a Broadcom bcm 4310 wireless driver? How to install the driver? I will be glad if you please assist me.


I am currently studying in media applications at university,and one of the prerequisites is to develop an sample audio with a professional sound editor software provided by the course.

I chose Sony sound forge as it is the industry standard an have endless amount of tweaking options.

Can anyone please tell if there is a  Sony sound forge beginners tutorial ebook or video tutorial available?

Thank you.

I have a Dell XPS 15 that has a Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD and Windows 7.  Listening to music with the onboard speakers is a bit annoying as it popping when the volume is turned up.  Where can I download the free version of SoundMax Tuning Down Tool?

I recently installed Tipard iPhone Ringtone Maker on my Windows XP 64 bit SP 2 system to convert mp3 files to m4r files.  I selected the mp3 file to be converted but I'm having an error of " cannot convert to m4r".  Am I missing something here?

Hello expert, I have some professional recordings and audio file to be edited. So, I need to download wavepad lion audio editor for free. Please can you send me any proper website URL to download wavepad lion for free? Thank you.

Hello expert, what is cool edit s run file? I heard about cool edit s run file and I have downloaded cool edit pro version 3.17. Please explain me how to improve the quality of my Audio files?

I am not in the mood to go into some hard coding, but I would like to get some source code for Silverlight Scrolling Gallery to use in my application. What I am looking at is a gallery that can contain as many images as possible, have inbuilt pagination and have some elegant transitions. If you can accompany the code with some comments to aid my learning and understanding, I will more than appreciate. Cheers!

Hi there! I love playing PC games. Where can I download Jogos PC black tigre without getting any bugs? I am not sure whether this game comes for free or whether it is paid for. Apart from where I can download it, I would like to get some review from someone who has been able to play the game indicating how challenging, suits which age group etc. Thanks a bunch if you can pull this one.