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Hello, experts! As a designer I have to deal with Excel in different angles. At the same time, you know there are many converter software are available to the market. Lack of sufficient knowledge I am confused to choose best one for converting survival curve export to excel files. Please give me some suggestion about this issue!

Hello, experts! I am a graphics designer. I am actually still a novice that's why I have to face problem in image resizing issues as well as PSD and PDF conversion issues. Please help which software is the best solution to convert PSD to PDF and resize images. Thank you!

Hello, everyone!

I was using Internet Download Manager (IDM). Actually, I have faced the problem of updating it and I couldn't get incensed version.

At this moment, my friend suggests I take "Download Accelerating Manager (DAM)" ultimate version.

Now, can anyone help me to get DAM ultimate from a reliable source?

Hello, TechyV experts! 

As per the advice of experts, Mac Pro requires Mac smart PDF converter to convert any DOCS file into PDF. Actually, I am looking for this type of software. I want to get its download link and know what the actual difference between Free and Pro version. Please help me.

Best DVD splitting software will cover the following:

I need to rip movie/song from DVD or CD.
Large video split into several videos (several parts)
Quality must be the same as the source.

Hi. I am using izotope rx version 2. Unfortunately it was not a fully version. It is a 30 days trail version. So I need to download full version of izotope rx 2v. Please give me some URLs to download it and provide me some website to get tutorial to learn about that software. Thanks.

Hello Techyv users,

I am in a problem which might be a silly problem to you. But I need solution of it. I am a winamp user for a long time. Some days ago I have bought an Acer notebook and I tried to install the winamp program in it. But the irony of my fate is I can not play anything with this. Whenever I tried to play any media file in it. It says the file is corrupted or something. But in other programs like KMP the media file works ok. I tried to download more than once but no solution.Please give me a solution for it.

Hello, I want to use asa config editor in my laptop. I am using windows 8 beta version. I need to know about the software and references. Experts I want to know the software will supports to my computer? Please reply soon. Thanks.

Hi, I have to create an animation software using magix cd dvd. I used magix cd dvd 5.0 version in my computer. But I want to download magix cd dvd 9 version into my computer, because the project should be advanced. So experts please give me the URLs to download it. Thanks.

Hello, Experts! I am a novice in software development.

I am trying to test and develop the application of the blackberry.

It's urgent to know about utility of code signing tool of blackberry.

Can anyone give me proper idea and guideline?