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Daum PotPlayer gave me options to show subtitles every once in a while, regardless of what I do. The problem is, it stays on the screen and I cannot close it out. I have reinstalled a newer version, a portable one, but I got the same problem. I am really clueless as to why it happens. Does anyone have suggestions?

Most of the laptop seller warns about using VLC player in windows, the reason given by them is that it destroys speakers of the system.
Is this true?
If yes, then Please suggest an alternative for VLC, which is easy to use like VLC.
Why VLC Player damages speakers and other media softwares?

For Mac OS.X, I am trying to capture a video with sound using my webcam. I would like to know if VLC has the capability to do so? Can I use it to record both video and sound? If it can, will it work on windows as well? Will there be any settings or add-ons needed for this particular task?

Hello there,

Today I have updated my Shockwave and after rebooting these two errors appear on my desktop. As usually I have uninstalled and made a new clean install and is not working. Does anyone have a solution about these errors ? Why the updates of Shockwave is full with errors ?

Thank you !

Director Player Error

This application requires an Xtra (Text) that either does not exist or failed to initialize properly. Please make sure the appropriate Xtras are in the Xtras folder(s).



Hi there,

I am using Kdenlive 0.92 with Fedora 17 KDE and the from all option only on is available: DV PAL 16:9 and the rest are unavailable and I can’t use them. I heard that this is the best video program and it might help me a lot. Can anyone help me to fix this ? It might be a possible the my VGA is not so good ?

Thank you !

Unsupported audio codec: pcm_s16le


Hello experts,

My PC can run videos with 1080p and also I can watch full HD movies. I have this error and the iTunes tell me that my PC cannot run such a high resolution. Does anyone had this kind of error before? How you solved this error guys?


This computer may not be able to play 1080p videos. You can still download these videos for use on other devices. 


I have this error from Realtek AC’97 Audio when I try to install the new updated version of this program. Now I have this error when I want to install the old version from CD driver. It seems like I broke for all my audio settings. Does anyone have any idea why I can’t install the new and old version of Realtek AC’97 Audio? Thank you.

Realtek AC’97 Audio

Realtek AC’97 Audio

An error (-5009 : 0x80040707) has occurred while running the setup.

Hello there,

This morning this error appeared when I opened Winamp Player to listen some music. Last night it worked just fine and now this error confused me a bit and I don’t know what to do. I click NO and the Winamp is not opening anymore. What would happen if I click Yes? Is this an error and I should be worried about? Thank you!

Audio Enhancements Problem

Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems:

Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

Would you like to disable Driver Enhancements for this device ?


I found this program AIMP3 as a replacer for Winamp. After the installation was done, when I tried to open the program this error message box appeared and now I can’t open the program. Can anyone help me to fix this ? What could be the problem since I’ve installed the version for Windows 7 ?

Thanks !

AIMP3.exe – Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application


Hello experts,

This video transcoding gives me this error and it says that it consumes all CPU time. I have an Intel i3 CPU with 3.2GHz and I don’t think this program requires a better CPU. Please can anyone help me to fix this error? Why it says that is a problem with my CPU? Thanks !

Video Transcoding – 27 seconds left for choice

The encode thread seems to be blocked. If you are not running other program that consumes all CPU time, this may indicate that the encoder has encountered an error and stopped working. Do you want to interrupt the task?