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I had a hard-copy book that has been for long and i have decided to scan the pages of this book and give to my younger brother in the house to type them into a word processing environment. But the problem i have is some text have been covered with funny black spots on the pages and i want to remove all the redaction. So what should i do to remove redaction from PDF files? I will really like to have an idea on how to do it.

I own a Samsung galaxy grand 2 phone and lately, it has been giving me a headache. Every time I access apps like Whatsapp, it just restarts. Games also face the same problem. I have never rooted the phone and not even done anything off the books with it. What could be the problem and how can I solve it?

How hard is it to create GIF? I am aspiring to be a Web designer. I am currently working on picture formats to put on websites. I heard that GIF a small pieces of videos or animated pictures of a few seconds. I saw a few online and I was wondering how hard to make one is? 

This week while reading a blog entry I saw that whatsapp was planning to introduce voice call for its texting client app. Can anyone confirm to me this news? Also, I would like to know the best app that is currently available for calling on Wi-Fi. I have used skype in the past but I am not satisfied with the mobile version. 

I have an image that was taken from a low resolution camera, I wanted to improve on the resolution of the picture. Is there a way/ software that can increase the resolution of the image and make it better? I do not mean photo enhancements, I want to bale to retain the proportions of the image.

With the new PS4 due to be released, I need to know a few things about it. Can I create folders to keep my stuff tidy, are there other status options rather than the default online and offline? Can I be able to see when friends were last online? And am I able to delete all notifications at once?

I have a VLC version 2.0.6 that is installed in windows, how can I establish a remote control tool for using my phone for this version of VLC.? I want to be able to use my phone to control the applications for this at my comfort. How can I update my VLC in windows?

My iTunes is full and as a result, it is taking quite a lot of memory on my PC. I attempted to move it to an external drive but I do not know how to do it. I have attempted moving the app icon but it won’t transfer anything. Help is appreciated.

I downloaded an app on my android device and on my laptop in order to share my files easily. However I never made it to actually send something. It needed to have same E-mails logged in on both of the devices so it should've worked. Unfortunately it didn't. Can someone explain me step by step how to use it after installing?

For a long time I've been using Power Point to create my presentations. It became very boring, both to create and watch presentation built in it. I've seen other softwares' presentations but I don't know their names so if someone can suggest me some of those so I can hopefully find what I'm looking for?