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I like PC games but I have some vision issue so I need glare free TV for computer gaming and it should possess big screen size full HD support so guide me best TV for computer gaming?

Which is the best software to capture streaming video? What else features are offered in the Movavi Screen Capture Studio except capturing the streaming?

Which is the best resolution for gaming PC that has both great equalization of thepicture quality and the execution? What about the widescreen LCDs?

Hi. I want to learn the steps to convert MOV to mp4 handbrake. Does it need to be taken to some computer repair shop or can it be done by me at home? Also, I would like to know if the conversion can be done for iPad or not? Thanks in advance. It will be a great help!

How to create your own infinity symbol with a custom theme, in Photoshop? How to go beyond the limit of the standard layout, and create an extraordinary infinity icon?

My parents gifted me a Mp3 player. I don't know how to use it. I am very fond of listening to songs. How can I download music onto my Mp3?

I am a great lover of music. Every time I keep listening to music, but I am bored of the same tracks playing again and again. I have heard downloading music free to the computer is possible. How?

Which is the best video capture software free? How the Camtasia Studio works to capture the screening video? What are the pros and cons of the Camtasia Studio?

want to watch video for free. I want to know how to download, install and watch videos after downloading Real Player downloader free?

Many users have faced the issue where trying to run bluestacks for the first time gives an error saying bluestacks does not recognize your graphics card. How to work around this common graphic driver issue?