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I am using Mac Snow Leopard. I am a logo designer was using Windows and recently switched to mac. Need to download Adobe Illustrator CS3 for Mac.

I want to change the location in which flash player is storing its own created system files. How can I change Adobe flash player settings local storage?

I am using an android tablet. I want to download and install Adobe flash player for tablet. Is there any way by which I can install the same?

I want to record a live streaming video. What is the free software to record live streaming video available? What are their features? What kind of a license they have?

Which software should be installed for web camera on a Dell PC? What are the features and highlights of Dell web camera software for Windows 7? Is it available for free for Dell users?


I am looking forward to joining a web design course online for free. Can you please tell me about the best free online courses web design? Thanks in advance. It will be very helpful.


I want to know about the DWG file and the PDF file. Also, what steps need to be followed for DWG file convert to PDF? How can the file be converted? It is urgent. Thanks in advance.

Hello guys,

I have created a Powerpoint Presentation using MS Powerpoint 2007. I want to save it as a Video. I have tried, but it didn’t work. How can I Convert PPT 2007 to Video?

Flyers helps in advertising. It helps people to remember information easily rather than taking notes. What is the procedure to create a flyer with tear off tabs?

Hello friends,

I have received some Videos that run on Quicktime Player only. I want to convert them to a format that Windows Movie Maker supports. I want to use Video LAN Controller for this purpose. How can I Convert Quicktime to Windows Movie Maker?