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When i go to chrome://plugins to disable the chrome flash player there are no other flash players and i have installed the *other software* flash player but its not showing any idea what might be the cause.

I am using the Version 42.0.2311.50 beta-m (64-bit) of chrome. Any ideas will be welcome.

How to get rid of script errors in the browser. As I need to refresh the page again and again to get the rid of the script error. I am a common user I need to do only the research work on the internet. But the script error makes me frustrated every time it’s come. Is there any way to get the rid of the script error.

Why can’t I watch videos on my computer. I open any website You Tube or any other website randomly if it contains the videos I am unable to watch them. The error that websites says that I should turn on the Java script or I should download the latest flash player. As I downloaded the latest version of the flash player and installed it properly, but again the same problem.

I heard Google chrome was a good browser and the most recent browser and also very popular. When i got this information, i decided to give it a try, so i installed Google chrome and started using it. After sometime, each time i want to run Google chrome to surf the internet, i see chrome waiting for cache. What does this mean and how can it be solved?

You've decided to dive into the digital world and you started using computers for your day to day activities. You decided to install Google chrome as your browser for surfing the internet. Suddenly after sometime, you found out that your Google chrome has stopped working. How can you fix this problem for Google chrome to be working again properly?

I have downloaded Internet Download Manager 6.21 Build 19 and I'm using it. But it's working really bad. It always crashes after some time. There's no problem with my network. Last hour, I added a video from Youtube on the download list and it was 60% completed. When I checked after some time, there was nothing on the list and I moved towards hard-drive to search for the content but in vain. What's wrong with IDM? Please help.

I upgraded Firefox to 35.01 and now it keeps crashing all the time. I have tried updating it and it says up-to-date and I have installed flash and drivers but it still keeps on crashing. What could be the problem?

I am not able to receive email on my Samsung Galaxy S4, which runs on Android 4.4.4. I did a hardware reset and now I can only add an account but I cannot read mail because it does not sync. I am running exchange 2012 and the log in page 365. I have even tried checking with my mail account but it does not recognize the device to be connected. Can you help me please?

My skype cannot establish an internet connection what could be the problem? I have cleared my firewall for internet connection for skype and I have got the ports to route the internet from the default internet settings for the system, is there a specific port number for skype connections? what might that port number be?