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My skype cannot establish an internet connection what could be the problem? I have cleared my firewall for internet connection for skype and I have got the ports to route the internet from the default internet settings for the system, is there a specific port number for skype connections? what might that port number be?

How Can I install word press in windows and what is this MySQL that it keeps on requesting how I can configure my computer because I really need to lean to use using word press. Is there a cumulative download that carries the entire word press with the prerequisite software?

I need assistance to getting my outlook account functioning more powerfully. I want someone to show me how to configure my outlook account to send automated emails to specific contacts in my address book. Could you also show me how to send auto-reply messages when I am absent from my computer?

Gmail is really annoying me. I am head of my college society. I have to email all the members about the society events. But whenever I email them, it goes to their spam folders. A lot of misunderstanding has been caused due to this. Can someone please tell me a solution so that all my emails will go to the inbox to my members? Thanks in advance.

When I open any link in Mozilla browser. It shows a dialogue box  saying that my security certificate is expired. It proceeds when clicked on "Ignore and proceed" and when clicked on "get certificate" it gets certificate and then proceeds. I want to know what is the problem behind this? Why this error is showing to me ?

Hi there,

I have this error when I want to open Gmail and it worked just fine until now. I checked the Time and Date and everything seems to be OK. What could be the problem with this ? How can I solve this error ?

Thank you !

The gmail.com certificate failed the authenticity test.

Reason: The hostname does not match the one the certificate was issued to…

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I have two email addresses, one for office and another for personal use. We have Outlook Web app MS Exchange Server. I don’t like accessing my email from a web browser. I asked our IT to give me POP or iMAP access but it was taking too long. So, I installed Thunderbird with an addon called ExQuilla, which gave me remote access to the server. The add on works great but it's a trial version and it's expiring. Is there an alternative software that is free?

I wanted to send an email to a group of people using Gmail on my Andoid phone. I dowloaded and installed the app Contacts GroupU but for whatever reason, it does not seem to work. Are there any other apps available in Google Play store that has the same functions?

Hello tech savvy,

When I am trying to connect with the IMAP server, I stuck up with an error message. The error message states that I need to check the network connection. But I am able to connect to the server and server is available for access. I have the permission to access the server. Why it is not responding? Hunting for solution please help me. Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

I have an Asus Nexus 7 and I have Firefox for Android installed, I have been trying the double tap on the screen to zoom  pages with no success, How can I make this gesture be accepted in my browser as a zoom gesture? Which web browsers accept double tap to zoom?