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What is multi-IM client in Trillian How is it differing from Skype or any other IM? Can this install on Android phone? Can I create a shortcut icon on the desktop and is it kept on browser toolbar? How many social networks and IM can add? Is it freeware software? What is Handy Contact List included in it? Can I see full mail preview and doing activities like delete, send etc.? Is there any essential additional feature? Thank you

What are the common features found relating the Mozilla Firefox 35.00 version and the Torch browser version? Which of the two browsers per statistics has a lot of users or downloads? What are some of the special and distinct features between these two softwares? I would like to know your predictions for Torch Browsers and Firefox in the next ten years down the line comparing them to one another and also considering them as against other browsers. Thank you.

Hello, actually I need some essential answers about Vilas Light software
What is the basic characteristic of this software? Can this software support MFMT and MFF command? What is the difference between Vilas Light and File Zila 3.10.3? Is there any OTP calculator? Is it supported Unix-keys? Thank You

When will we get this facility in Skype software? How many languages can be translated? Which operating system is needed to use this? Is it translated voice and text, both inputs? Can it translate bad word also? Is there any limitation? Is it also available on Smart phones, or Tablets? Thank You

Can I watch live episode by using this software? Can I watch live show on different time? Is PPLive installed on any smart phone? Can I watch any other country live show? How is video streaming rate? Can I use this MAC operating system? Is there any translator to change language? Thank You

What are the activities of Ammyy Admin 3.5 in education purpose? Is it open source version? Can I set up this on Mac Operating System? Need an overview on how to use this software? What are AES and RSA encryptions included in the software? What is minimum internet speed needed to use Ammyy Admin 3.5? Thank You

This problem only happens on Google Chrome. When I try to sign in my Chrome browser then it says as incorrect password. I know that my password is correct and I have too confirmed it. On the other hand, when I try to login in my Google account then everything is fine. The problem occurred after the latest upgrade to Google chrome. I am using Windows seven Ultimate 64 bit, if that helps. Please help me find a solution to this weird problem.

I am trying to disable my Flash Player but Chrome is not detecting it. I went to chrome://plugins but there is no flash players installed. I also tried to install other flash player but it is also not showing. I don't really have an idea what is causing this. My Chrome is Version 42.0.2311.50 beta-m (64-bit), any idea how to fix this?

How to get rid of script errors in the browser. As I need to refresh the page again and again to get the rid of the script error. I am a common user I need to do only the research work on the internet. But the script error makes me frustrated every time it’s come. Is there any way to get the rid of the script error.

Why can’t I watch videos on my computer. I open any website You Tube or any other website randomly if it contains the videos I am unable to watch them. The error that websites says that I should turn on the Java script or I should download the latest flash player. As I downloaded the latest version of the flash player and installed it properly, but again the same problem.