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I want to make use of any feature available in browsers such as incognito window or private window etc to be able to login into multiple accounts of yahoo at the same time? I am taking yahoo website as just an example. It is required for my project here to simulate and test a few features on my html page. It is an intranet page with option for multiple people logon and share ideas across. Is it really possible to have multiple accounts logged in at the same time in multiple tabs or windows? I can do with three browsers as of now. But if I have to simulate 10 users login, I cannot afford 10 different browsers right? What is the best solution possible?

If someone does not want a contact to know that he/she is on WhatsApp, can this be done? If somebody has the old number of friend, will they be able to download messages and see their contacts? When inviting someone to a group, will they be able to read previous messages?

I bought the premier membership in Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) but I am not been able to fully use its features: like I can’t get maximum download speed at DAP while downloading files from internet. The files are not downloading if the computer restarts.  Why are these problems occurring?  

I am trying to develop alternative to collect the analytics of the shopping website. I would like to customize the details presented in Google analytics and give much more rich information to the vendor. Can I use Hadoop to retrieve and customize the data? How well is Hadoop in gathering required information? What are the abilities that the programmers of the Hadoop posess to get the customized data? The data can be browser experience of the customer. Thank you for your help.

Recently, My Browser has been popping up some unwanted Ads on my browser. I am not been able to do my work smoothly due to those ads. Have an virus infected my PC? Is there any way to remove those ads permanently from my Computer? What is the reason behind the showing up of those Ads? 

I often use Mozilla firefox as my browser in my computer and it worked perfectly fine until today that when I go to youtube.com. It only shows a green page for the video and the sound will still be running. It seems that it was blocked because I downloaded google chrome and youtube works perfectly on it. I don’t know what to do with Mozilla and I checked that it is the updated version. What do I need to do?

Hello? I recently installed Monzila Firefox browser version 38.1 on my laptop but its not functioning well. It makes my computer to hang after ever 5 minutes upon starting it. When in YouTube it displays an error message of script failure then it crashes. Upon crashing a message is displayed by window explorer that Firefox is taking too long to close. Should l install another browser or a latter version of Firefox to prevent this from happening?

What is multi-IM client in Trillian How is it differing from Skype or any other IM? Can this install on Android phone? Can I create a shortcut icon on the desktop and is it kept on browser toolbar? How many social networks and IM can add? Is it freeware software? What is Handy Contact List included in it? Can I see full mail preview and doing activities like delete, send etc.? Is there any essential additional feature? Thank you

What are the common features found relating the Mozilla Firefox 35.00 version and the Torch browser version? Which of the two browsers per statistics has a lot of users or downloads? What are some of the special and distinct features between these two softwares? I would like to know your predictions for Torch Browsers and Firefox in the next ten years down the line comparing them to one another and also considering them as against other browsers. Thank you.

Hello, actually I need some essential answers about Vilas Light software
What is the basic characteristic of this software? Can this software support MFMT and MFF command? What is the difference between Vilas Light and File Zila 3.10.3? Is there any OTP calculator? Is it supported Unix-keys? Thank You