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Category: Security

I got a "Back up was failing with extended error status has been encountered, check logs (252)" error on my backups in Symantec. I am under Windows XP. How can I fix this?

Category: Security

Hello trouble shooters,

I am facing a serious problem, I am getting this error message often, and it makes me more tired. How to get rid of this error message? I tried to run the Antivirus several times but the error is not disappearing. Please help me to get rid of the error. Thanks a lot.

Application cannot be executed. The file cmd.exe is infected.

Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?

Category: Security

Hi trouble shooters,

I used to run the Anti-virus regularly in the computer to protect from virus. When I tried to do the regular scan last night, I stuck up with an error message. I am scared of this error, whether this error might crash my computer. The error code is 5013, 3 please explain me. How to solve this problem? Thank you.

An error has occurred with Norton Internet Security

Error: 5013,3

No automatic solutions were found. Click Launch Support Web Site to continue.

Category: Security

I've just run the File Recovery process and after that, it prompts a dialog box as shown below. It stated that it fails to recover directory files. I don't know which one is it. So can someone please help me with resolving this issue. I need to complete the recovery process. Please help me.

EaseUS Todo Backup

Recovery completed. But failed to recover parts of the directory (files), or some sectors can not be written.


Category: Security

The installation of MBAM on SCCM 2007 works just fine. But on one workstation, it fails and when I try to run the MBAMClientUI.exe manually, the error below appears. I don't know what is missing or what's been going on but I hope someone can help me figure it out. I need some help please. Thanks.


BitLocker drive encryption has a problem and must close.

Category: Security

I was creating a scheduled scan with ClamAV's Immunet through the domain user's credentials. I'm not sure why it appears since it doesn't look like a domain credentials. Please tell me how to fix this. I need to schedule a scan since I'm not always at home. Thanks.

Error creating scheduled scan.

An unknown error has occurred.


Category: Security

Recently, my computer was infected with some malware which makes my Worry Free Business Security (WFBS) 7 software disabled. I cannot start it anymore so I tried to uninstall it to perform a clean install again. But I was unable to do that. I am trying to remove it through the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs. It is showing an error as shown below:

Unable to uninstall

An error has stopped the removal of the software

No changes have been made to this computer.

Click the button below to close this window.

Back     Finish     Cancel

Category: Security

Hello! I am currently residing in Russia and I want to ask a question regarding Avast 2014. I cannot install it on my computer. It has an error which I do not understand. I found some solutions advising me to run anti-malware and a cleaner and then use the Avastclear.exe to reinstall the software. But all just didn't work. There is no malware found. I am running Windows XP 64-bit. The error I am receiving is stating:

HTMLayout.dll cannot be loaded to properly start GUI. Therefore process cannot continue.

Category: Security

I want to ask a query regarding my Enterprise Vault installation. I installed it successfully but when I launched it, an error appears. I installed it on my Windows XP PC and I can't make it run. How can I be able to resolve this? The error message is posted below:

Enterprise Vault Installation Error

Error registering file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\AdminService.exe

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Category: Security


My service period of Panda Internet Security 2013 is over and I wish to uninstall it. But I get an error occurred message while uninstalling and this software fails to uninstall. I have been trying to uninstall Panda from the control panel and having failed to complete the process, I decided to have a go with the uninstaller.exe. I downloaded and saved the uninstaller.exe on my desktop. But somehow this fails to launch for me. I tried downloading a couple of times but I never got to launch the uninstaller. What should I do now? And the same uninstalling failed error comes up over and over in Panda Internet Security. I am using windows 7 and IE8 on my laptop. Hope somebody can come up with a solution for this issue. Thanks in advance for all the valuable tips given.