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What is the threat posed by Cross Site Scripting to my website? What are the types of XSS? What is a persistent XSS attack/ How is it carried out on a website? How is a non persistent XSS attack carried out? What are the common ways to protect a website from XSS?
Category: Security

Hello, I am a father of 2 tech savvy teenagers. They have gotten really good at discovering the Windows Admin password, the WiFi password and even my email and Facebook password. Is there a way to stop them from discovering them? I tried changing the passwords periodically, but they seem to know the new ones right away…

Category: Security

My Android tablet caught a Trojan, so the first thing I did was resetting its factory settings, in the hope that it would be deleted. How can I know for sure that the Trojan is gone? Now I am concerned about my other devices attached to the same WiFi network as the Android tablet. Are they at risk? Do I need to change the password and/or other things?

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A friend of mine suggested YubiKey as a more secure way for password identification. I am looking at a way to make my private passwords safer, however, I have read reviews saying that YubiKey is quite complicated.

Will the investment in time and money be worth it? Will it keep my data 100% secure?

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Can anyone help me with this error ? I don’t know why but it seems like my security protection is not activated and the program is unable to contact Trend Micro server. My Internet connection is working just fine but still. Any solution ?

Thank you !

Micro Trend Worry Free Business Security Services

Security Protection is not activated

Your computer is installed with Trend Micro protection.

You have not yet activated this protection for the following reason:

Unable to contact Trend Micro sever. (Error code:7)

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Hi experts,

Even if I am the only use of my laptop and I have the administrator privileges still I cannot install ESET Smart Security. Is the first error of this kind and I don’t know how can I deal with it. Can anyone help me to fix this administrator rights ? Is there a problem with my PC or ESET ?

Thank you !

Install ESET Smart Security


The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Smart Security. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator.

Category: Security

Hello experts,

After I have installed ESET on my laptop and making some settings changes this error appeared. I don’t know why the memory could not be read. The older version worked just fine and it seems like the new one is not as stable as I expected. Please can anyone help me to fix this? Why I cannot change the settings of ESET?

Thank you!

ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security: egui.exe – Application Error

The instruction at 0xfecaf3d6 referenced memory at 0xffffffff. The memory could not be read

Click OK to terminate the program


Category: Security

I got a "Back up was failing with extended error status has been encountered, check logs (252)" error on my backups in Symantec. I am under Windows XP. How can I fix this?

Category: Security

Hello trouble shooters,

I am facing a serious problem, I am getting this error message often, and it makes me more tired. How to get rid of this error message? I tried to run the Antivirus several times but the error is not disappearing. Please help me to get rid of the error. Thanks a lot.

Application cannot be executed. The file cmd.exe is infected.

Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?

Category: Security

Hi trouble shooters,

I used to run the Anti-virus regularly in the computer to protect from virus. When I tried to do the regular scan last night, I stuck up with an error message. I am scared of this error, whether this error might crash my computer. The error code is 5013, 3 please explain me. How to solve this problem? Thank you.

An error has occurred with Norton Internet Security

Error: 5013,3

No automatic solutions were found. Click Launch Support Web Site to continue.