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I need some one to help me out with VBS pop up volume. I want to create a pop up message after registration and login but unable to do so since I have not good knowledge on VBS pop up volume.

Our professor told us that we should research about realbasic snmp. When I researched the net, I didn't manage to find a concrete answer. Can anybody explain to me what's this? Can you give me a link? Thank you

Hi everyone,

How to perform some forms grab script? I want to grab the existing form in my visual basic system to get the value. I hope you can share with me some idea on how to get this done properly. I am not that familiar with visual basic and just studying the functions.


Hello techyv,

All about creating login forms vb6 code. I want to create a hotel reservation system using visual basic 6 programming language. 

I am still on the log in structure part, can you share with me some codes to make it easier for me to construct a login form?

Expecting some help from you guys.

I have visual studio 2005 installed on my pc, how can I install the mobile application development platform on my pc since I cant find it in my visual studio?

I want to build a website on my own but I am a little confused on how to do it.

Can someone please provide a step-by-step procedures on how to build a website?

Thank you.

I want to have VBS write CSV file. Is there a software to handle such action? If so, What software to use for VBS write CSV file?

Hello experts,

How to convert BMP to wmv vbnet?

There are some instances that I cannot get a free converter online for there are shareware versions only but now I hope those converters are now available as a freeware over the internet.

I hope you can also guide me on the proper installation process.

Thank you.

I want to make the border of a button popup in VB 6 like 3D. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

I am using ABIS and encountered another issue while using this.

I tried to put my finger expressions on, however, an error message appeared on the screen that states: