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I’ve recently figured out that I should start coding and I’ve gone through many tutorials and stuff, but I’m yet to figure-out many things. So I ran into something called SQL, so I was wondering if SQL is a programming language.

Hey there, I’m a web developer and recently formatted my HDD and lost all the useful apps setup’s, well I recovered almost all of them except for one. Can you provide me with SQL Server 2008 developer edition download link?

In HTML, there are two tags: div and span. What do each of these tags do? Are they the same? If no, then, what is the difference between these two HTML tags?

State the uses of the following HTML Tags: -

  1. <style>
  2. <class>
  3. <a href>
  4. <span>
  5. <nav-bar>

In HTML5, or rather any version of HTML contains something called as TAGs. What are these tags? What is their function? How do they prove to be useful to the user?

Consider the above given pages for the FIFO page replacement algorithm. What will be the total number of hits and misses? What is meant by the term cache hit and cache miss? What happens if a cache miss occurs?

In a cache memory, page replacement algorithms are used very often. What is a page replacement algorithm? What function does it perform? Which are the different page replacement algorithms?

What is PHP? What is WordPress? What are their uses? Are they the same? In what way is it necessary to have these languages? What would happen if we do not use PHP or WordPress?

Why is a Java program platform independent? What are the features of Java? Which component makes it platform independent?

What does constraints in SQL mean? Which are the different types of Integrity Constraints? What happens if a constraint is violated?