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I am an IT student and I am looking on where I can download Borland Turbo C. Where can I find a compiler? I need a trusted site for downloading this. Kindly please send me some suggestions. Thanks.

Category: CORBA

I have one CORBA server and a client for testing CORBA as a server. I have one problem, when I issue the API to shutdown, destroy is not implemented and I get the following error:

org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: Unable to listen on / (java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind)

What can I do about it?

Have I missed something?

Category: CORBA

What are the important forms/version of asynchronous communication that aren't directly support by Corba?

Category: CORBA

Are there various threading models that we can use within Corba servers? What are these and what are the "how to's"?

Category: CORBA


Iam using a Corba server, What are the different threading models used within the corba servers?


Category: CORBA

 I have no idea with CORBA.

What does it do?

What are its benefits?

Please leave some comments.


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how operating system control the execution of applications and programs and what ll be operating system objective?

Thank you,