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I am looking for a home-based job and my friend refers me to the following:

- Elance

- Freelancer

- Odesk

- VWorker

I want to know if the above mention are genuine and actively working. Please give me some insights and the links of the following websites. Thanks.

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I need help on my Windows XP computer.  I can't seem to access anything. It always ends up with error "Windows cannot access specified device path or file". It occurs when updating a software or even if I am just trying to open anything. What steps should I do to fix this?

Category: Others

At last my favorite gaming console PS4 has been launched with its awesome features. I know a software is available for PS4 owners when they power on the system. When the update is not needed, I can install it to receive the entire advantages of Sony’s latest game console. By two system I can install the update.

But I don’t have an Internet connection readily available. I know as a single player I can play this game without Internet connection by installing PS4 updates via USB flash driver. How I will install PS4 updates via a USB flash drive? Need step-by-step instruction.

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Tizen OS VS Android VS iOS

Which is the best and which could be the best in the future

What are some of the devices each OS is installed on?

I would like to have more info on Tizen

Category: Others

LeapPad does not recognize any clicks

I opened the device after few months for my Son today and notice it does not work. Any touch on the screen is useless.

Any ideas on what can be the reason for the screen to not recognize the touch

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When is Nintendo Wii Mini releasing in India.

Whats new in this game box

What are all the features and how different is it when compared to XBox?

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Applications to control PCs and Macs from Mobiles

What are the Mobiles that can do this?

How cool would this be to use?

What additional Hardware and Software is required?

Cost to get this achieved?

Category: Others

Power Builder 12 whats the cost and where can i download the trial

I wanted to buy this software but need to know the cost and use a trial before hand which we need for our daily activity

Uses of this software/benefits?

Category: Others


Lotus Notes Sametime to work on a iPHONE

I have a iPHONE 5 and want to configure Lotus notes emails and sametime on it. Do we have a APP or can i know steps to achieve this?

My Office uses Lotus notes and Sametime

Category: Others

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working how can i solve this error

I have IE8 and always get this message. I like IE but this message makes it tough to handle when i really need to search something quick

Can i have all possible steps to fix this