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Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working how can i solve this error

I have IE8 and always get this message. I like IE but this message makes it tough to handle when i really need to search something quick

Can i have all possible steps to fix this

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I am looking for free Email Client that supports IMAP. I've been using Thunderbird for a long time and would want to consider migrating to a new one. Can someone give me some ideas?

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I have been using Samsung Galaxy Ace recently I brought Velocity Micro T301 Cruz 7 Inch Android 2.0 Tablet. I used to play Temple Run in my Galaxy Ace which I downloaded from Play Store but Temple Run wont work on Cruz, I have downloaded it but is unable to open it in my Cruz, Please guide me.

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I'm up to gaming and I am planning to switch to Intel. Does Haswell and Ivy Bridge good for my purpose? If not, what can you suggest for a top level motherboard?

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I am getting this error on upgrading my Joomla website. I am doing an upgrade from 2.5.11 to 2.5.13 but keep getting the error stated below:

Fatal error: Class 'JDocumenthtml' not found in /home/chearonn/public_html/libraries/joomla/document/document.php on line 294.

Any ideas on how can I fix it?

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I'm trying as much as I can to convert various VOB files that I have on my PC to AVI format, but I am getting confused on all the sections which includes the bitrates and resolutions.

Are there any simpler ways to do this?

Please let me know.


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I want to know about Oxy Classifieds Script.

Where can I get it and what are the functionality features included on it?

How much it cost and what are the features included in the standard price?

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I am into HostGator for quite too long. Lately, I have been receiving issues on it such as the service is down.

Until I realized that it was now owned by the EIG.

I am now looking for an alternative to HostGator that is not owned by the EIG.

I know that other hosting services are also from EIG such as the BlueHost. I need the following for the alternative:

1. 24/7 Chat Support

2. It should have a VPS, Reseller and Shared Services

3. Probably not from the EIG

4. Has a cPanel.

5. Server is based on UK, US and AU.

Please state your answer with complete details on each suggestion.

And the link for each one.

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I am getting error HKCMD. I want help for this as I am in a trouble because of this error.

How can I fix this issue?

Thank you.

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When the map loads I am getting the following error.

The error is in the original, unmodified OpenLayers.js file on this line:

Return!! (document. namespaces);

I have tried rewriting it to:

Return (typeof (document. namespaces) != 'undefined');

And it worked but then I get same "unspecified" errors on further referrals to document.namespaces:

If (! document.namespaces.olv){document.namespaces.add("olv",this.xmlns); ...

I tried rewriting this to:

If (typeof (document. Namespaces. olv) == 'undefined') { ...

But I get the same "unspecified error".