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Hello there,

A colleague of mine was trying to connect to a firewall via ASDM last week, and was greeted by an error like this. Any solution for this error that appeared on my PC now ? What is causing this kind of error ?

Thank you experts !

Cisco ASDM Launcher

Unable to launch device manage from 10.254.254

Category: Networking

Hello experts !

Every time this error appears when I want to install some programs downloaded from the Internet. Sometimes it appears and sometimes not. Any solution for this error ? Why I cannot open all the programs to install them ?

Thank you !

‘Cisco ASDM-IDM’ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.

Category: Networking

Hi there,

I ran ASDM troubleshooting and this error appeared. I have my Internet connection and is working just fine like usually. Is there anyone who can help me please to fix this error ? What is causing this and can this error be prevented in the future ?

Thank you experts !


Unable to launch device manager from

Category: Networking

Hello Techie out there. I have a several wireless adapters/cards and I would like to understand if it is possible to find the system information of each my wireless adapters/cards. My Operating Systems are Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP combined. Please enlighten me. Thank you so much in advance.    

Category: Networking

I have purchased genuine copies of games like Black ops, Arma 2, Dayz, BF3 and BF4 for my Sony Vaio Z Series.

When me and my friend wanted to play together being on the same server, it is not allowing us. But when we play separately, we are able to do so. None of the games we own, allowing us both at the same time. We both are using the same network using separate Ethernet cables.

What is the cause of this issue? Is there any setting I have not done to allow more than one person to play the game?

Category: Networking

Hello experts,

I've bought a used LS-XHL which has no hard disk. I've got two HDDs which I want to install in the NAS. Unfortunately updating the firmware with LSUpdater does not succeed. I searched many hours on this website and others but didn't find a solve for this error. Can anyone help me to fix this error ?

Thanks !


Couldn’t confirm response from LS-CHL-V2-EM856.

Please check a network address if both PC and LS-CHL-V2-EM856

Please disable the Firewall function if it is working on PC.

Updating is aborted.


Category: Networking

Hi Pro,

I am getting this error message like loop. I am not able to work with the Proxifier I configured it to my knowledge. I think it was good but I am getting this error. Not able to find the root cause of this error. If I try to fix this problem automatically I am getting this error again. This is not helping me, what will I do now? Thanks.

Error: Windows network (WinSock) is not properly configured to work with Proxifier.

Do you want to fix this problem automatically?

Category: Networking

Hi friends,

I am getting this weird error message in the computer whenever I open the Network scanner. I tried to restart the system and the application but still I am getting this error message. How do I fix the error without reinstallation? I tried to trap the error, but I cannot. Help please. Thanks in advance.

Network Scanner Tool

NetScanProcessDef.dII could not move a file.




Check to see that you have at least 0.03 MB of diskspace available.


Category: Networking


The installation of SoftPerfect Network Scanner was successful without throwing any error. Now all of a sudden I am getting an error message. The error message says that it could not get the interfaces list. I am not a technical person so having hard time with the error. How I can solve this error? Please help. Thanks in advance.


Could not get the interfaces list. (System Error. Code: 126. Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden)

Category: Networking

When I try to connect to a printer in network, need to establish a connection first. But getting an error before it is connected. Error stated Connection has timed out, network and server is little bit slow and I am the authorized user, why I am getting error? I tried it again and again.Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Help please.


Message from webpage

ErrorCode: 10060

Error message: Winsock 10060 - Connection has timed out.

Error group: WINSOCK

Error code: 10060