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When I attempt to add Cisco CallManager Attendant Console speed dial information, an error pops up stating “unable to amend speed dial” as shown in the image below.

Any quick solutions?

Unable to amend speed dial. The following error was returned Database update error.

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I am not able to open the OWA interface after applying Exchange 2010 service pack 1. I am using Internet Explorer as my browser. When I access OWA Virtual Directory the error below pops up.

Test Connection  There was an error while performing this operation.  Details:  Invalid application path.

Test Connection

There was an error while performing this operation.


Invalid application path.

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Why am I getting this weird error message while installing Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent?

Is there any way to resolve this error?

If you have any idea then, suggest me properly with full instructions.

I would be grateful to you.

Thanks for any help. I am using Windows XP.

Error – Error while installing: System error 0x800708B0 (The account already exists.).


Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent

Error while installing: System error 0x800708B0 (The account already exists.).

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Hi there,

I am having problems with an exchanger server 2003.Neither can I add new accounts, remove accounts, sync outlook nor connect to a specific domain, which is either it doesn’t exist or it is not able to be contacted. I am also unable to update the global address book. Facility Win32 Id no: C0070546 Microsoft Active directory error. I am thinking it is a permission related problem or something to do with the firewall. Can someone please help me on this one?

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The network to the company's network is made up of one Active Directory Domain, so as the systems administrator to the company, I installed Active directory certificate services also known as AD CS on a pc operating on Windows server 2008 and configured The AD CS server as an enterprise CA (certification authority).

I want clients to be availed with certification revocation information by another computer that is acting as an online Responder. So I went ahead and on a Windows server 2008, installed the IIS and the Online Responder service.
The online responder failed when I attempted to test it.
Please what should I do so that the online responder works as it should?
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I am trying to find out the cause of the following error that I am experiencing and possibly correct it.

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Hello everyone?

The school district I work for has a single domain i.e. 28 sites with 31 DC’s. Every DC is able to point on its own to a primary DNS then to other 4DC’s as tertiary, secondary etc., DNS at our main tech site.

The manner in which the DC’s are arranged is always identical, and there is also an administrative complex, in addition to other schools that belong to us, channeled to the 4DC’s situated at the main site for both DNS.

Four of the school servers were virtualized last summer, and their DNS traffic now goes to the 4 DC’s at the main site. At long last we will have to eliminate the servers to the school hence having all the computers point to one DC to get primary DNS.

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In my job environment, anyone in need of domain access in an administrative capacity is assigned to the admin's group domain and the access he/she wanted is granted. I have decided to dump such practices and I have decided to remove all those inappropriately accessing the domain under the admin group from that group.

To be certain, I have users who need permission and access to post web pages in to that web servers and with the use of windows authentication, they should smoothly authenticate to SQL and not use SQL users server, etc.

Please suggest how I can implement this and create proper and secure environment with different types of IT administrators.

Any help is appreciated.

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I got the following annoying error message while trying to remotely configure the modules for my NI 9146 or NI 9148 Ethernet RIO Expansion Chassis. How can I remove this error? Have any idea about this? I extremely need your assistance. Thanks for help.

Error- 356004 occurred at Node in untitled 1 Possible reasons(s): Labview: Labview Web Service: labview cannot find the I/O Variable Remote configuration Web service on the remote target. The Web service is not installed or has not loaded.

Error- 356004 occurred at Node in untitled 1

Possible reasons(s):