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Category: Networking

I recently started learning CCNA and I found about Packet tracer but I don't know what it is. What is the use of Packet tracer?

I think to study CCNA I must have clear idea about it. So, please help me with the answer.

Category: Networking

I wanted to download .NET framework for my pc as some software requires it being pre installed on the pc. 

Where can I get to download the file for free? Any suggestions.

Category: Networking

I want to have a connection between to computers both windows 7 just using a utp cable, I am using this a way to transfer my files from one computer to another. What kind of cable would I use straight or crossover? And do I need to use a program for a faster transfer speed using the utp cable? And do you have suggestions? 

Category: Networking

Hello everybody,

 I am a beginner in this field, but I have one question which I guess all the beginner has.

How to troubleshoot basic network

problems which occurs frequently.

I would like to hear the answer from some expert.

Category: Networking

I am using Himachi network and recently I am getting an error that it is not able to connect to the network adaptor.Do you guys know what may be the problem and how to solve this problem.)

Category: Networking

I have a problem. I recently discovered that my Cisco guest network is not working for Cisco Linksys E4200.Is there anyway that I can solve this problem. 

Category: Networking

Hello guys,

I was attempting to set up the Team viewer’s most recent version on a Windows 7 Pc, but when the install was finished, I keep receiving the following error: Install Service error CService Configuration: Installservice (): create service failed Error Code=1072 Please help. Thanks.

Category: Networking

My question is if it can be established a non-audio data transmission between two PC using a simple FM transmitter?

Category: Networking

Hi, I want to gain access remotely to a win 7 machine.

A welcome password has been set, and the regular person left the company.

So I want to do his part of the job as well.

How is this possible?

Category: Networking

Any transmitter, receiver or transceiver is available for a video streaming/transfer with 9 miles distance?

I want to review videos from my CCTV in a farm, but my farm has no internet connection. I want to have video streaming while I am in town, 9 miles away from farm.