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We are trying to set up Dynamics CRM Server 2011 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition(SERVER01):

Server (SERVER01) on which Dynamics CRM 2011 is being installed is a domain member with domain admin rights

Logged into SERVER01 with domain user account

The software and hardware prerequisites are met

We faced the error "Unable to browse Active Directory Objects" in Select Organization Unit. Hope we have provided complete information to help understand why we are facing this. Would anybody be able to help us in this regard?

Thanks in advance.

Category: Networking

We are receiving this on an SBS 2008 server every day at 11:30pm.  Other than this, no other errors occurring and no overall problems.  Standard DCDiag test check out.  It was a brand new install/domain.  Can't really find any information on what is causing this error.  Has anyone seen this error before?

Here are the details:

Internal error: An Active Directory Domain Services error has occurred.

Additional Data

Error value (decimal):


Error value (hex):


Internal ID:


Event ID:  1168
Source:  ActiveDirectory_DomainService

Category: Networking

We've set up a new network employing Windows 2008 and we've been getting the next errors periodically.

Log Name: Directory Service
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Active Directory_ Domain Service
Date: 2010/02/11 08:03:23 PM
Event ID: 1168
Task Category: Internal Processing
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
Computer: Server Name
Internal error: An Active Directory Domain Services error has occurred.
Additional Data
Error value (decimal):-2147212536
Error value (hex):80042308
Internal ID: 16020823

Category: Networking

I am getting an error on the Active Directory Replication. The error says "Repadmin.exe returns:"

The following error occurred during the attempt to contact the - Domain Controller RPC-2008R2-B:


Replicate Now

The following error occurred during the attempt to contact the

Domain Controller RPC-2008R2-B:

Access is denied.

Category: Networking

Microsoft no longer synchronizes the time that is set by the Windows 2008 server.

I tried to run the Active Directory Best Practices Analyzer, but I get an error with its default configuration settings.

I followed the blog post online titled Server Manager in Windows Server 2008 R2, Part 3.

This error was not posted on the site so  I am not sure if I am doing it right. I do not know how to correct this problem.

Maybe you have any ideas that can help.


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The DNS name "<single label DNS domain name> proposed for this Active Directory domain consists of a single label, which is not recommended. DNS domain name should be unique and fully qualified, consisting of one or more labels separated by a period ("."), followed by a top level domain.

Example: corp.<domain>.com

If you click No, you can assign a fully qualified DNS name like the example. If you implement a single-label DNS domain name, you must configure all member computers and domain controllers as described in article 300684 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=92467) so they can register records and resolve queries until the domain is retired.

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An error message for a new Gmail app for iOS is appearing. What is the reason for this error message?


Notification error

No valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application.

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T-Mobile protest Verizon’s plan to buy spectrum from cable companies in order to spread out their bandwidth capabilities. What is spectrum and how spectrum helps to expand bandwidth capabilities?

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An indication had given by Clearwire that they may launch its primary LTE network for mid 2013.

What would be the covering area of this LTE network during the launch period?

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Social Network like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, and many more have great influenced to many lives as it become a big source of communication for people around the world. What enhancements can developers create in Social Network or what kind of Social Network can be develop which can be greatly used in education especially that iPad is now being implemented in school to be use as  their source for lessons, assignments and etc.?