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The first thing I would like to know about this curious project management software is, can you download it for free? In which fields is it more useful to apply this management software? How do you use Redmine. How do you configure it? Have you found it a great project management tool so far? Has it saved you time on your projects and made life easy for you?

Could anyone who has used github tell me about the pros and cons of using github? What did you like about github? How did github help you execute your projects efficiently and on time? What did you not like about github with regards to the services that they provided to you? Would you recommend github to people who like to code for personal or business reasons?

So where do I start? How do I begin to use github? I would like some experience user of github to help me understand the inner working of this website? Is it true that github is secure enough to conduct private computing projects without any violation of intellectual property? How can I know that my codes are protected from getting damaged, stolen, or modified without my consent?

Could somebody help me to understand how github works? I would like to know more about github, how it can help you accomplish tasks and make the most of all of its resources. Where do you go to obtain extra information within the github community? Why do people use github at all? What other alternatives exist?

I am developing a website for small ( non-profit ) to a charity. The president of the charity would like to add content to the site on completion, especially the text. However, they would not enter directly into the XHTML. What are the possible options regarding this issue Thanks in advance .

There are plenty of free content slider but unfortunately none of the ones I've found a system of content management. I develop the site in ASP.NET. I do not want to use a great content management system for such a small job. Is there a free or commercial product with a low price that can meet my needs ?

I'm using $.post() to call a servlet using Ajax and then using the resulting HTML fragment to replace a div element in the user's current page. However, if the session times out, the server sends a redirect directive to send the user to the login page. In this case, jQuery is replacing the div element with the contents of the login page, forcing the user's eyes to witness a rare scene indeed. How can I manage a redirect directive from an Ajax call with jQuery 1.2.6?

Hello I have some files to be added to our newly launched website. I'm using PHP to convert it. The text contents were extracted successfully, but I have some problem with the images. I should be able to put the picture together with their captions. But when I extract both the file, only the caption appears. Is there an easy way to do a php pdf html conversion? I'm running out of time. Big thanks..

Hi Techyv!

I am looking for experts’ opinions on CMS. Can anyone please tell me what is the best and really simple CMS to use? Can you share your experience and encountered problems upon using it? I have heard of Drupal and Joomla but I’m not quite knowledgeable on their strong features and limitations. Can anyone please share me their knowledge? Any information will be of great help.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Techyv members, I hope everything is fine. What are the magic bullet insiders in the web? Can you think of smart ways and solutions that are trending now? What may be the reason for this? Please include specific answers and a quick overview for your opinion. I also appreciate opinions from seasoned developers on this matter. I'm looking forward for your answers.