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Do you know about the system that links together, mainframes, minis, and microcomputers that are in close proximity for the purpose of communication? What is a network that uses a server to meet the needs of the other computers on the network? Additionally, please tell me more about the best network architecture for connecting many PCs together in an office.

Human genome took many years and cost tens of millions of dollars, today genome can be sequenced and digitized in minutes and at the cost of only a few hundred dollars, but the question is that “Can these results be delivered to your laptop on a USB stick and easily shared via the Internet”?

What is biometric sensor? Could your body log you into an e-mail account using the biometric sensor? Can users login to websites via biometric authentication? Is biometric authentication relatively reliable and secure? Will the users be able to login with different sites by using biometric sensors?

Will biometric sensors rule in the days to come?

I have bought a new laptop and I would like to transfer all old files in the old laptop to the new laptop. What is the best and easiest way to do it? I do not have a portable hard disk and I do not want to buy only for this reason. The file size is around 400 GB I guess. The old system has windows 7 and the new has Windows 8.1 for you information if it helps. I have heard we can connect via USB or Ethernet but don’t know both the methods; type of cables required and setup information. Thank you for your help.

Generally, we get a lot of ads these days while browing on the internet. We get ads on out east, west, north and south. In some pages, ads come before the content. Is there a way to get rid of all these ads so that I will get the chance to taste happy browsing?  

Is it possible to create a custom share of the serial port and support link through a TCPIP connection like the USB? how can this be achieved and how effective is connection intems  of response and speed? I have a serial printer that I would like to share over a small network of 3 computers that will enable them to print and when que prints.

I have a wireless connection that I managed to establish a connection, however Im unable to connect the computer to the internet because the 'DNS Server is not responding' any way I ca get through this? I have tried to run a network diagnosis but still will not work., is there any setting that I need?

How best can I restrict access to shared folder access by some apps? I try to run some apps with specific user access so as to restrict access to some shared folder that is accessed by apps for different business purposes. Due to recent security breach, I try to restrict access to this shared folder, but the apps stop running as required. What other ways can I use to secure the share folder?

How do I make ContentFull content management software search functionality to work? I have been trying to use the ContentFull business management app search features for days now without any tangible result, the soft search function supposed to be working but whenever I use it, it seem it Is not working as it supposed to be. How do I address this issue?

Can Dreamweaver CS6 be used for organizing a long running website that is not well organized? My site has been running for some time now, but the way the site is not well organized, I plan to reorganize the site with CS6 but am afraid if it will work. How can I organize a site without affecting it SEO?