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Category: Mobile Hardware

YotaPhone dual screen is releasing

Does this phone have a screen on both sides?

What could this be useful for? How good would this be?

Is this first of its kind or do we have such phones already that have screen on both sides

Category: Mobile Hardware

Moto G what are the colors available

Which is the best look for this model

What are the cost for additional covers

What are the gadgets we can use with a Moto G

Category: Mobile Hardware

MOTO G do we get 50GB of free Google drive space?

This is great news but how is this integrated into the phone?

What are the other great features as this on MOTO G

Category: Mobile Hardware

MOTO G released to in which country?

What is the cost?

Features in this Phone

Whats the OS features on this phone

Category: Mobile Hardware

Lenovo Vibe Z features and reviews

Can anyone help me with this new device yet to release.

Looks cool and wanted to know what makes it look so sleek

Does it have a good camera?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Zync Cloud Z401 what APPs are in this device

I heard many APP's come for free with this phone and its a light weigh phone

Can i have all known info about this please

Category: Mobile Hardware

Xolo Q2000 the new device int he market?

What are the best features on this device. Can i have hardware and software details?

Does this have Panorama feature?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Motorola new MOTO G Vs MOTO X

Which one would be best?

When are these releasing and what can we expect in these?

Heard one of them is a cheap costed phone?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Gionee GPad-G3 whats new in it?

Does it have dual sim capability

What are the know features about Gionee GPad-G3

Please explain

Category: Mobile Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB VS Huawei Ascend Mate compared

Why is Samsung Galaxy S316GB better. I would like to get experts advice. Please dont dump configurations rather give me some unique analysis on the same