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I'm an Android VOIP application. I want to choose my type of codec based on processor power. Some audio codecs do not work well on some low-end devices. I want this program and do not decide when compiling. What are the criteria that will help you decide the CPU power and bandwidth available for processing: Here are some of them that I can think of: 1) CPU clock 2) memory Is there a standard method to determine the performance calculation based on statistics of memory / CPU It would be good to know if Android provides APIs for analyzing the performance in execution.

Category: Mobile Hardware

I have a Sony Experia z2 phone and I have a problem with it. Every time I use it for a while, like around twenty to thirty minutes, it starts to get very warm, like something from inside is heating up. Is this scenario normal, or will I have to get my phone checked out?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Hi everyone,

6 months back, I have purchased a new Sony LT28h Xperia Ion black phone. It's working pretty well so far.

But today I upgraded my phone and from that time onwards I am unable to see any of my apps which were already loaded on that. I searched all locations, but no luck.

Please can somebody suggest me to get back my apps again. Thanks for your kind help in advance.

Category: Mobile Hardware

Hello everyone,

I am using SONY Xperia Z2 D5603 and it is working fine. But recently I got one issue.

Whenever I talk with somebody on my phone, the receiver side person hearing echo. This issue is coming with any call and any other phone other end. The echo is observed only at the receiver end, but not on my side.

Can somebody help me figure out the root cause of this issue and how to fix the same? Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

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Hello All,

I ran factory reset in my Samsung Galaxy I9003. Afterwards, when I tried to restore my backed up applications from my laptop, I get a Restore Error. I have attached a screenshot of the error received below. I checked the connections to ensure that the device is connected and can be seen on my laptop. What might be causing this error that says the device is disconnected then? Does anyone have any idea please? Was anything wrong with my restore operation? How can I find out? I am counting on your help to fix this issue. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Restore error

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Hi there,

I have this Blackberry Curve which is going off whenever I try to save a game I was playing, at first I thought it was charge issues but this has been persistent and its getting more frequent, what could be causing such shutdowns and how can I solve it?

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Nokia Lumia 920 i get this Sync error 80004005

Get this error 80004005 while sync Windows Phone Desktop App

Category: Mobile Hardware

I wanted some insight on what's going to be in Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to the iPHONE

Samsung Galaxy S5 VS iPHONE 5S or 5C

Please give me exact comparison info about these devices

Category: Mobile Hardware

I want to know the release date of Samsung S5 what would the price be?

Samsung Galaxy S5 all possible details about it

What are the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5

Would be great if all possible info could be provided

Category: Mobile Hardware

Dismantling the Nokia Lumia 620 to clean

I have a Lumia that has issues with the keys and wanted to remove all parts and clean it to try if this fixes the keyboard issue in the phone