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Hi guys

Is there the best memory manager droid that will free up as needed or any other solutions I could apply. Actually I have installed a memory manager and its appear to be working but my problem is that since I installed, my memory of phone continuously crashed. Means when I go to send my SMS or phone calls, all I see just phone numbers not names. please help me

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Hi, I am using Samsung s8530 wave 2 mobile. I am so interesting to games. So I need crazy birds game for Samsung wave 2. I want to download it free and the original game. I need to some URLs to download it directly. Experts please provide me. Thanks.

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Hi experts, I need some help from you. I want to get some detailed information on blackberry 10 mobiles. I have heard that users are facing some problems with these phones, is that true? I have also came to know that there is no back option in blackberry 10 OS! Will that create any problem while using it? Can I swipe up from one app to another frequently? It will be great for me if you are using it and know the real answers. Thanks.

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What are the top and leading social app Integrator to choose from that I could possibly use for my iPhone and Chrome Browser.

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Dear expert,

Last year I visited a mobile store. When I reached with my parents I was looking that there are more than one hundred mobile stores. The mobile has more than twenty apps. One apps were very good. it is Genealogy apps. The apps are very simple and easy to use.  Anybody says that how to use the apps.

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I am getting this strange error while opening the Google Market in my Android Phone I have checked my internet connection it is up and running but the error is coming in Google Market only. Does anyone know what is the problem here?

Error retrieving information from the server. [RPC]

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Hi techy please help to find the IDD of the mobile number  Italy is the country. You have any idea what is the first number or IDD of the said country? Texting mobile number in Italy. Please help me. What should I Do?

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A confused on which smart phone handset to buy. Either to get winodws OS or android. I'm a little unsure about windows. Are there as many windows mobile web service sample apps as there exist in google play?


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Hi, I want to buy a smart phone and undecided between a windows mobile and an android phone.

Which is the best operating system between the two?

Google play has thousands of web service sample apps to be downloaded and used.

Does windows mobile have enough apps that can be used and where can they be gotten.

Please send me a link to this.

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Wanna ask?if we can connect galaxy ace with windows media player?what is the memory card for the galaxy ace?Can we add different languages?does the widget show the weather forecast?

Thank you so much