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My monitor displays a black screen and says no signal even when I turn on my computer. I though maybe the wire is damaged, I tried the attachment wire on another monitor and it worked. Now I am sure it is a problem with my monitor. What is wrong with my monitor? How can I repair it if it is possible? Can it be a driver issue?

My Desktop PC has a Philips LCD that stopped working last night. The power supply short circuited at some point and I didn't know about it. Lines started appearing across the screen and it took me about 3-4 minutes to figure out what happened. Now when I turn on the display, lines appear across it. Is my LCD damaged for good? Is it repairable? If yes, how may I repair it?

How do I make my Samsung galaxy S5 smartphone to work properly after the screen gone blank? I have recently installed an app and the app is causing the Samsung s5 to malfunction, I later tried to uninstall the app, but it won’t uninstall thereby leaving me with no option than factory reset which I did. After the reset the phone screen gone blank. What cause the phone to go blank? Is the screen the problem or other hardware?

I have a Sony Xperia T3. My phone got pretty slow lately and last night it went black. The notification light was blinking but the display won't turn on no matter what I did. I kept on trying for two hours but to no good. I tried connecting it to my laptop as well but nothing happened. Is my phone dead for good? Or is it a problem with my display? If not, what can I do to recover my phone? Are there any soft wares available to recover the phone from such a state?

Why is my Sony Xperia Z3 compact picture not so sharp and beautiful? The pictures taking with the phone camera are more or less 7 megapixel while the phone manual says its main camera is 20.7 megapixel. Although, if the picture is taken in good light environment, the picture looks smart and bright.

Hi, Is there any one who is using Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE? I am having a problem using it. It's display isn't working like before. I bought it not so long ago as it's a almost brand new product of Samsung. Anyone know here, why Samsung Galaxy s5 LTE display isn't responding spontaneously?

Regarding the much talked about "edged screen" on the Galaxy Note Edge, are all the useful and popular apps on play store compatible with the edge and its interface? Also, I root and install custom ROMs on all my smartphones and I love tinkering around with them. So I was wondering if all the popular custom ROMs like CM and all are compatible with the edge? Are they optimised to work with the edge?

How can I protect my Smartphone from getting damaged when it falls on a hard surface? Which brand of Smartphone covers will you recommend as being very effective in protecting the screen of the Smartphone from getting cracked? Which brand of Smartphone has been specifically designed to withstand the impact of a terrible fall so that the screen remains undamaged?

I bought Nokia Lumia 520 recently without bill and now I am having issues with it. When I start the phone, the traditional Nokia Screen Shows up but after that when it redirects to the Home Screen, the display is gone. I tried to Restart it and even tried to pull out the battery  and Start again but it does the same. Please help as without bill the Service Center will charge me Money.

I'm using a Windows phone. The problem is, I cannot hear anything when someone called me. I can call them but I cannot hear anything even the tones when dialing. I tried using another mobile phone and call my own number, but even that, I totally don't hear anything. What seems to be the issue here? Any ideas?