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Hi, Is there any one who is using Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE? I am having a problem using it. It's display isn't working like before. I bought it not so long ago as it's a almost brand new product of Samsung. Anyone know here, why Samsung Galaxy s5 LTE display isn't responding spontaneously?

Regarding the much talked about "edged screen" on the Galaxy Note Edge, are all the useful and popular apps on play store compatible with the edge and its interface? Also, I root and install custom ROMs on all my smartphones and I love tinkering around with them. So I was wondering if all the popular custom ROMs like CM and all are compatible with the edge? Are they optimised to work with the edge?

How can I protect my Smartphone from getting damaged when it falls on a hard surface? Which brand of Smartphone covers will you recommend as being very effective in protecting the screen of the Smartphone from getting cracked? Which brand of Smartphone has been specifically designed to withstand the impact of a terrible fall so that the screen remains undamaged?

I bought Nokia Lumia 520 recently without bill and now I am having issues with it. When I start the phone, the traditional Nokia Screen Shows up but after that when it redirects to the Home Screen, the display is gone. I tried to Restart it and even tried to pull out the battery  and Start again but it does the same. Please help as without bill the Service Center will charge me Money.

I'm using a Windows phone. The problem is, I cannot hear anything when someone called me. I can call them but I cannot hear anything even the tones when dialing. I tried using another mobile phone and call my own number, but even that, I totally don't hear anything. What seems to be the issue here? Any ideas?

I put a password on my BlackBerry device when I purchased it. And now, I want to turn the password off but I have tried all the possible ways to do it, but I am still unable to turn it off. I searched on the General Settings but I could not find any option to disable my password. The Enable option has a small red padlock icon beside it and it appears that it was locked or something. How can I unlock it? Or disable my password?

I would like to know about cheap smart phones that support all major features of a latest Android phone or that of a Samsung galaxy mobile but is available at a much cheaper price in the range of 5000 to 10,000 rupees. What brands can be considered an alternative for smartphones instead of buying a costly iPhone or Samsung mobile?

Hi everyone,

I am having Google Nexus 5 and it is working fine.

But one problem I am facing is with the auto brightness. When I am outside, it is reducing the screen brightness but during daytime when I go out I am not able to see anything if it reduce the brightness. Also, sometimes, when I switch off the lights, it is reducing the brightness. This is not correct. In fact it has to increase the brightness that time.

Is this the problem with all Nexus 5 phones or only I am facing the issue? How can I change the settings so that it corrects the brightness properly? Please kindly advise.


Recently I purchased a new Moto E White model smart phone. It is a latest model and having lots of extra features.

But I noticed one issue with this piece that sometimes touch screen does not work. But many times I have ignored it. But nowadays it is continually occurring. When I am browsing any webpage and press back button to go to previous webpage, suddenly it stops responding and after touching 5-6 times it starts working.

Anybody experienced the same before with this phone? What might be the cause of this problem? Can somebody please suggest me to resolve this issue? Thanks a lot to you guys!

My mobile phone yesterday fell from the table and its screen broke. And it stopped working. When I contacted customer care they asked to replace it, at high cost. Is it possible to repair the slightly broken screen instead of replacing? If possible, then where to get it repaired Which is the best mobile from HTC in low budget?