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Hello, I purchased Asus Fonepad couple of month back. I saw unbelievable thing on last week, charging logo is replaced  with question(?) mark. Then I tried to hold the volume down+power button down, hold the power button down for few seconds, charged it for few hours but get no result.

Let me know how to recover this?

Thank you in advance for your kindness.

I have read in different places that Comcast is the best application that you can use to mirror a tablet to a TV. However, I need to mirror a laptop or desktop to TV. Can Comcast do that. If yes, how do I make the settings? If there are other options, inform me please. It is not necessary that it should be wireless. 

I am very interested in the future of curved screens. Yesterday I saw a curved TV screen and I am very interested in the Samsung edge. I want to know how does curve screen influence future gadgets. In the case of a TV how does the curved screen impact on image?

I am currently thinking of getting a Samsung edge. Firstly what are the main advantages of a Samsung edge over the Samsung note 3? Also what does a curve screen bring in terms of ease of access for the phone? Is the curved screen an extension of the screen or does it work separately?

I have a GSM phone that I noticed that I cannot make a call in the 3G network compared to the 2G network without dropping. I thought the reverse would hold, could there be a problem with my phone ors its the network provider on the 3G service? I wanted to be able to utilize the 3G network

I have a smart phone that on an android platform, I have tried to enter my Google password and Id and it will not pick up, This is my for the time experiencing this. Could it be that someone reset my user details? Who can I rest this? I have an alternative email but that was not listed for the Google account.

My monitor displays a black screen and says no signal even when I turn on my computer. I though maybe the wire is damaged, I tried the attachment wire on another monitor and it worked. Now I am sure it is a problem with my monitor. What is wrong with my monitor? How can I repair it if it is possible? Can it be a driver issue?

My Desktop PC has a Philips LCD that stopped working last night. The power supply short circuited at some point and I didn't know about it. Lines started appearing across the screen and it took me about 3-4 minutes to figure out what happened. Now when I turn on the display, lines appear across it. Is my LCD damaged for good? Is it repairable? If yes, how may I repair it?

How do I make my Samsung galaxy S5 smartphone to work properly after the screen gone blank? I have recently installed an app and the app is causing the Samsung s5 to malfunction, I later tried to uninstall the app, but it won’t uninstall thereby leaving me with no option than factory reset which I did. After the reset the phone screen gone blank. What cause the phone to go blank? Is the screen the problem or other hardware?

I have a Sony Xperia T3. My phone got pretty slow lately and last night it went black. The notification light was blinking but the display won't turn on no matter what I did. I kept on trying for two hours but to no good. I tried connecting it to my laptop as well but nothing happened. Is my phone dead for good? Or is it a problem with my display? If not, what can I do to recover my phone? Are there any soft wares available to recover the phone from such a state?