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Would you agree with those who always make states via televisions, articles and magazines that Microsoft had little or no foresight in that, considering the evolution and innovations in the past and yet could not plan for the worst? Even considering the current trend of Operating System of smartphones today even makes a case for them looking at the current trend of Windows smartphone purchases as against other OS brands. Per your factual analysis what would be your stand on this issue? Thank you.

Which period of time would you mark as the biggest comeback of Microsoft in the history of the world’s technology and science? At what now would you describe or tag as the darkest moments of Microsoft as against her other giant competitors? What would you say has been the secret behind the sustenance of the company for all these while?

Can someone assist with instructions on how to create a new user profile in Microsoft Outlook? I've tried it a number of times and I'm doing something wrong. If someone can help me with the correct steps I would truly appreciate it. I'm obviously doing something wrong and I'm not sure about it. Thank you.

When using Microsoft Outlook, it often hangs up and is unresponsive. This is making a difficult environment and causing me unnecessary delays. I've tried deleting unnecessary emails thinking that, maybe it is causing the delays, but it still happens.  What are other suggestions I can use to troubleshoot and correct this problem?

What is the simplest and shortest procedure to follow in order to modify an equation in either a linear format or a professional format when working in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel? I am a Math teacher who teaches in a second cycle institution in Ghana. I do prepare mathematical questions and I would like to have the shortest and safest way of inserting as well as modifying the equations to suit my preference. Thank you.

Hello! A lot of us might have heard about Microsoft Holo Lens. I just read an article and saw a video related to it yesterday. I have to admit, it really is an amazing technology, worth appreciating. But I have this question in my mind, do most of us actually need these things right now? I mean for most of the people in this world, the way I see it, it won't really matter because it doesn't make any difference in our lives. Also, I do think that this device will be way out of the reach of most of the people because I think it will be very expensive! Opinions?

I have installed VLC player as I heard that it is the most versatile media player that can be obtained for free. First of all, I would like to know if that is true. On another note, having download VLC, I have a dated system and I tried to play HD videos but was unable to do so. I read somewhere that the processor and ram was lacking. Is that really true?

I am a huge fan of high quality videos. I recently download a high definition version of my favourite movie and when I tried to play it via VLC, I was face with a green screen with no image. The sound of the movie was there but the image was not displaying properly. Can anyone help me with this problem?


I am not able to contact MS Passport server in MSN because of this error. I have deactivated my firewall and I have checked my Internet connection and everything seems like to work just fine. Any idea about this error ? How can I solve this one ?

Thanks !

MSN Protocol


check proxy/firewall setting


I have to reboot my PC if I want to get rid of this error, because every time I press the OK button it appears again. Can anyone tell me what is causing this error ? How can I solve this error and please tell me how can I prevent this in the future.

Thanks !

Microsoft Expression Web

Encountered an improper argument.