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Hi AD experts,

I have installed MSMQ on Windows Server 2003. But while configuring the setup, I am encountered with a problem and I have got an error message.

Message Queuing Client Setup Failure

Message Queuing configuration object in Active Directory was not created

Error Code: 0xc00e0025

Error Description: Access is denied

Can anybody please help by providing the appropriate way following which I can solve this problem?

We have a weird issue. Not sure why this happens. We get this error between 2 servers.

All are windows 2003

Active Directory Replication Monitor

                There was an error during queuing the synchronization. The error code was: ERROR_REPLICA_SYNC_FAILED_THE


Hi All,

Active directory DSA.msc access denied error

When i click the users and computers i get the below error. not sure why.

I have administrator access and was working well till last week when i last checked.


                Access is denied.

Any expert advice would help



Hi All,

I have been searching all the internet to find a solution for this error.

Can anyone through some light on how i can fix this issue?

Hi All,

Active directory pdf (AD Bible)

Just wanted to check with you experts here to see if anyone has a Active directory 2008 guide. There are lots out there but wanted you people to give me the best.

Thank U



Mac machines add Active directory.How to add mac machines to AD.

What is the steps to add iMac running Mac OS X 10.6

Thank you

Hi All,

What is Active directory?

I want to know what it is and how can it benefit in a office where there are 35 systems.

Whats needed to create one.?

Thank you



What is the difference between Windows 2000 Active Directory and Windows 2003 Active Directory?

Is there any difference in 2000 Group Polices and 2003 Group Polices?

What is meant by ADS and ADS services in Windows 2003?


We have an active directory domain with several domain controllers. Many users (more than 100) and OUs exists within the forest. We have a single tree. Most of the users have roaming profiles created by my Systems Administrator .

Earlier we have set up a group policy for OUs preventing access to the desktop properties (except for HR OU). That works properly. We have an OU for HR people who have given some more advanced features and they need to do some modifications because we are providing HR services most of the time.