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Hi all,

Active directory where does our credentials stored?

We have a Domain with 100+ systems and i know that every system while login the users credentials are authenticated from the Domain controller.

What i want to understand is where are these credentials stored?

How secure are they?

Thanks you

Recently I found out that it is easier to perform a bare metal restore that is restoring Active Directory on a computer that is not running than on a running computer, could someone elaborate for me the steps to follow to restore Active Directory on a running computer. What is the relationship between Active Directory and Exchange server?

Hey everyone,

I’m getting problems with a AIS2009 and now instead of saving my files the screen freezes up for a second or two then I get this error message:

Autodesk Inventor Simulation 2009 Couldn’t create database--Exception: Unable to append data to file.

Autodesk Inventor Simulation 2009

Couldn’t create database--Exception:

Unable to append data to file.


Please no rebooting advice did that enough times already.



I want to open my games folder but suddenly this pop-up message appeared,

games is not accessible. Access is denied.

Local Disk (C:)

C:\games is not accessible.

Access is denied.


This is the main folder where my file game was stored so suppose to be it should be accessible; I Also, I noticed that there are some unfamiliar files (outside folders) which do not appear before. What are those files? Please help. Thank you!

Hi AD experts,

I have installed MSMQ on Windows Server 2003. But while configuring the setup, I am encountered with a problem and I have got an error message.

Message Queuing Client Setup Failure

Message Queuing configuration object in Active Directory was not created

Error Code: 0xc00e0025

Error Description: Access is denied

Can anybody please help by providing the appropriate way following which I can solve this problem?

We have a weird issue. Not sure why this happens. We get this error between 2 servers.

All are windows 2003

Active Directory Replication Monitor

                There was an error during queuing the synchronization. The error code was: ERROR_REPLICA_SYNC_FAILED_THE


Hi All,

Active directory DSA.msc access denied error

When i click the users and computers i get the below error. not sure why.

I have administrator access and was working well till last week when i last checked.


                Access is denied.

Any expert advice would help



Hi All,

I have been searching all the internet to find a solution for this error.

Can anyone through some light on how i can fix this issue?

Hi All,

Active directory pdf (AD Bible)

Just wanted to check with you experts here to see if anyone has a Active directory 2008 guide. There are lots out there but wanted you people to give me the best.

Thank U