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Activate Office 2013 Sorry we are having some temporary server issues

I have been trying to activate office 2013 and hell too many issues and for hours of my hard work with no results.

Restarted many times

Changed internet connections

Reinstalled Office multiple times.

None of these steps helped me to activate

Any detailed steps to succeed would be great

Hi All,

Outlook 2013 mails are not showing up when configured with IMAP

I am using Office 2013 from last 1 week.

I configured with POP and not changed to IMAP and now today i have lost mails from my view

Anyways to retrieve them to be shown via IMAP

I just configured another email id and in that they are all fine.

I have no filters enabled as i checked that.



Hi Experts,

I have an Office 2013 word file which i opened it and saveas 2003 version and this version of office have been having for a long time. The word works fine with all other actions but when i saveas the top headers are fine but they fail to save other content in the file.

Like i have images and content in 4 pages. I need to lower the compatibility to 2003 as my clients don't use the latest versions of office

I also have the compatibility pack installed. I get no error and a proven solution could help



Outlook 2013 how can i configure Exchange mails. I have this freshly installed on my Windows 7 system but now have no clue how to configure it. Can i have the step by step on how to configure.

I should have upgraded the office on my existing version but ended up formatting my system which has led me to this point


Hi All,

Where can i find the folders Deleted and sent items folders. Also, the contacts and others are missing from the view. Sure could be some where but can i have the steps to enable them to be seen on my view.


Hi All,

In my new desktop which i got few days ago, have been trying to install Office Home and Student 2013 but i get this error

The error message states

The program is busy or Office is busy



This is really annoying to be honest.

I have MS office 13 on Windows 8 machine

I am trying to uninstall but I could not, it shows error saying that "something has gone wrong"

I tried killing all the related processes from task manager but they did not go either.

Please help.


Hello guys,

I am getting an error from Office Professional plus for Office 365. I have to resolve this as soon as possible because I have a report to edit and submit in a few days. I already reinstalled same version but still see this error. Is there something else I can do?

Office Subscription Removed

Your subscription for Microsoft Office has been removed. Office is still installed and can be used to view files but the editing functionality in your Office product has been disabled.

To stop seeing this message either reinstall or uninstall Office.

Hi guys,

I have a project that needed to be typed on word so I installed Office 2003 on Windows Vista. However, I couldn’t complete the installation as it was interrupted by an internal error from the setup. I quit the process again but on same spot I got the same error. It is attached below. Any advice on this?

Error 2711. An internal error has occurred. (EXELNonBootFiles) contact your Information Technology department for assistance.


I was working with Excel recording some research findings and suddenly a message popped up as shown below. It has now become a habit and whenever I open Excel a few minutes into using it, it just quits with the error message. Any suggestions?

Microsoft Office Excel can try to recover it for you.

Microsoft Office Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The information you were working on might be lost. Microsoft Office Excel can try to recover it for you.

Recover my work and restart Microsoft Office Excel

Please tell Microsoft about this problem.