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Can we install office 2007 and Office 2013 on one system?

I want to have both office versions on my system. Is this possible and if yes what are the steps and if no what are the tweaks to achieve such a setup

Difference between a Play Station 2 and XBOX

I have a Playstation 2 and wanted to know what are all the differences

Will the PS2 CD work in XBOX

What are the differences?




Hi Experts,

What are the different versions in Office 2013?

What are all the differences between each

What does a home user need and what does a company need?

Can i have a nice explanation please

Can i use my Office 2010 on another system after uninstallation?

I have a Laptop, and now i want to install on a Desktop and use Office products on that system.

Will i have a license issue?

Can i use 1 license on 2 systems?

If not can i uninstall and install on the other?

Should we de-allocate the license and allocate it back?

I have a per user license with me


How can i Sync Outlook.com mails to my Outlook 2013.

I have my Gmail mails synced with Outlook the same way i want Outlook.com mails to be synced to my Outlook software in my laptop

Any steps to achieve this?



Activate Office 2013 Sorry we are having some temporary server issues

I have been trying to activate office 2013 and hell too many issues and for hours of my hard work with no results.

Restarted many times

Changed internet connections

Reinstalled Office multiple times.

None of these steps helped me to activate

Any detailed steps to succeed would be great

Hi All,

Outlook 2013 mails are not showing up when configured with IMAP

I am using Office 2013 from last 1 week.

I configured with POP and not changed to IMAP and now today i have lost mails from my view

Anyways to retrieve them to be shown via IMAP

I just configured another email id and in that they are all fine.

I have no filters enabled as i checked that.



Hi Experts,

I have an Office 2013 word file which i opened it and saveas 2003 version and this version of office have been having for a long time. The word works fine with all other actions but when i saveas the top headers are fine but they fail to save other content in the file.

Like i have images and content in 4 pages. I need to lower the compatibility to 2003 as my clients don't use the latest versions of office

I also have the compatibility pack installed. I get no error and a proven solution could help



Outlook 2013 how can i configure Exchange mails. I have this freshly installed on my Windows 7 system but now have no clue how to configure it. Can i have the step by step on how to configure.

I should have upgraded the office on my existing version but ended up formatting my system which has led me to this point


Hi All,

Where can i find the folders Deleted and sent items folders. Also, the contacts and others are missing from the view. Sure could be some where but can i have the steps to enable them to be seen on my view.