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I am using Microsoft Works which are like an office suite but with less features. Something weird is happening such that almost all operations are paralyzed. I am getting an error as shown below. Please advise.

Microsoft Works  Works cannot access one or more files it needs to run the Calendar. The files may have been renamed, deleted or moved. Try reinstalling Works, and then starting the program again

Microsoft Works


When I attempt to start or quit the Office program error message appears with NET Framework Core CLR Hotfix Package. Is this problem with emulation Ethernet driver or anything else? If you have any clue please suggest me soon. Any help would be appreciated. I am a user of Win 7 64bit OS. Thanks.

Attachmate.Emulation.Frame.exe-Fatal Error

 CLR Error: 80004005.

The program will now terminate.


We wanted to start using Office Pro Plus 2013 that also inclused Lync 2013. Our problem is that we havent been able to connect to office. We thought of trying the online Sign in Assistant for Lync 2013 but no success yet. We are asking the expert here to assist us with a step by step guide on how to solve this error.

See the error message below.

Error- The server is temporarily unavailable. If the problem continues, please contact your support team.


I have Office 365 installed in my computer and I wanted to upgrade it so as to get the new functionalities that come with a service upgrade. But during the upgrade process I get an error message as shown below.  Any help will be appreciated.

Error – Sorry, we couldn’t connect to the service right now.

Please try again later.

If the problem doesn’t go away, submit a service request.


I am using Lync 2013 and when I save my recordings I get the error message below.  I wanted to save the files on a network on a server so that others can access easily. Is there a way to achieve this or can I only save locally?

Error – Saving to a mapped drive is not supported. Please select a location on this computer.

Hi everyone,

I recently created a topology on Lync 2013 and when I try to enable the topology I get an error. The process completes but then with error. Will I be able to use the topology with these errors? Why did the errors occur?

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Your topology has been successfully published, but some errors were encountered. For details, check the log file.


I am trying to install Office 2007 Enterprise on Windows Vista. I downloaded the installation files from the web but when I run the files I get the error below. Has anyone encountered such an error?

Please provide all steps needed to solve this.

Error – The language of this installation is not supported by system.


We have several users that have Enterprise Telephony enabled in there accounts. And when I try to make a call to an external number I get the error message below. We just started using this service so I will appreciate all efforts to make this clear. Please provide as much details as possible. What is causing this error, what needs to be done etc.

Error – Call was not completed or has ended.

When contacting your support team, reference error ID 10001 (source ID 243).

Troubleshooting information is available online, including best practices for using Lync.


I am trying to share my calendar using Microsoft Office but the access to calendar is not permitted. The error shows “Access to the calendar is not permitted. The server is not permitted”. Have you any idea to fix this problem. Please share some idea to resolve the matter. Thanks in advance.

Request Error

Access to calendar is not permitted.

The server is not permitted:

“HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden”

To operation


Hello experts,

I have installed Office 2008 (12.0.0) using iBook G4, OS 10.5.8.

I am getting this weird error message using this version of Entourage saying “This identity cannot be opened with this version of Entourage”.

I couldn’t find resolution to fix this problem. Provide proper solution to resolve the error.

Thanks in advance.

This identity cannot be opened with this version of Entourage.