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Hello all,

While I am working in a Project in protected view mode, I got this error message. This error is not allowing me to work further, it abort the application without any notice. I get this error message repeatedly totally confused. Do I need to reinstall the application? Please help me. Your help is great. Thanks.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint found on error that it can’t correct. You should save presentations, quite, and then restart PowerPoint

Category: MS Powerpoint


While I am in the middle of the Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation demo, I ended up with an error message. The presentation was working perfectly without any problem while I am testing a day before. Now I am getting this error message, very confused. I am accessing it within the system; file is not in the network. But why I am getting this error message? Please guide me. Thanks.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

There was an error accessing http://sp2010.demo.com/sites/Required Text/Third Text.pptx.

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Hi there,

When I try to open a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint Web App, I got this warning error message. For your information, I have all the supported versions in the computer. Do I need to reinstall the Microsoft PowerPoint in the computer? Please help with some ideas, which do not allow any installation. Thanks a lot.

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Guys I have this error when I want to open a PowerPoint with Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer. Is this compatibility issue on my PC? I have this PowerPoint from college and on the teacher PC this viewer worked just fine. Can anyone tell me how can I open this PowerPoint document? Can it be opened without installing Microsoft Office?

Thank you!

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer

This file requires the Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system to view its contents.


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I want to know how I can add a watermark in PowerPoint 2007. Can someone please tell me the procedures on how to do it correctly? I need it for my school project. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello Guys,

I am using MS PowerPoint 2010 in my PC, I need to know how to use PPT progress bar percentage in the presentation. Please do the needful for explaining it in detail, so that I can create my presentations more appealing using the progress bar.


Horace T Perry

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Hi All,

I need to turn PowerPoint presentations into interactive HTML5 content that can be viewed in modern browsers & mobile devices, including iPads. Please suggest me a software to convert PowerPoint to HTML5, or is there any way to do this in MS PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

Please guide me,

Matthew D Martinez

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I am using Office 2008 on my Mac, running version 12.3.3. I installed lion a few days back and have noticed that after the installation, all is ok but the color picker in PowerPoint is not functioning correctly.

I select the colors in the color palette but on the display, a different color appears ! Please tell me why this is being caused? Is this because of some fault with the installation? How can I correct this?


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Hello Techyv Users,

I need to convert one of my presentations that I have done in MS Power Point for Flash file, Is there any Power Point to Flash full HD conversion tool available or is it possible to do using any online platform.

Please guide me,

Jimmy G Hancock

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Is it possible to attach a youtube video in PowerPoint 2013? How can this be done? I searched but could not find any relevant options. I found options for videos from SkyDrive or facebook, but not from You tube. Can you please let me know the details. Also tell me if any video can be embedded in PP without logging in to the Microsoft account?