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Hi friends,

I am getting a wired error message when I try to open Microsoft Outlook Where in BillQuick Outlook Add-in 2013 is installed. I try to google to find some solution. I found some dll is not registered, how to register the missing dll? Please assist me solve this problem. Thank in advance.

Error : Cannot create ActiveX component.

atMicrosoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.CreateObject(String ProgId, String ServerName)

at BillQuickOutAddin2013.Connect.OnStartupComplete(Array&custom)

Category: MS Outlook

Hi tech savvy,

I am not a technical person; I need your help to solve the problem. When I try to connect with MS Outlook I stuck up with the below error message. I am sure MS Outlook is installed in the computer. I have windows 8 32 bit operating system and 250 GB hard disk. It is configured too, but where I am going wrong? Please guide me. Thanks.

1. Please ensure that Microsoft Outlook is installed.

2. Run Microsoft Outlook and configure the Default User profile.

3. The software designed to work with 32-bit, you should use the proper version of outlook Import Wizard.

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Hi experts,

I installed the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook in the computer. I am in the job to access other user mailbox and track the mails in CRM. But when I am doing this I get the following error message, this is very annoying. I cannot avoid this error, is this anything related to system configuration please help. Thanks.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

Only items in the default Microsoft Outlook store can be promoted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Item Name= FW: Financial proposal CONFIDENTIAL

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Hello tech experts,

I am getting this below error message often and it’s very annoying to me. So clearing all the mails immediately and not keeping any documents in the mail. I am not a technical person, so I am scared to fix the problem. How to increase the size without disturbing the data in the outlook? Please help me. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Microsoft Office Outlook

The file xxxx.PST has reached its maximum size


Category: MS Outlook


Recently I added a new email account to Outlook and after I did all the for the new account this window appear and I am stuck with it because I don’t know what happened. I clicked Deny button because I am afraid that something will happen to my current account if I click Allow. I need someone to tell me what this means ? If is bad or not and please help me to set up a new email account in Outlook.

Kind Regards !

Outlook was redirected to the server

autodiscover-s.outlook.com to get new settings for your account

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How can I add a .gif file to my email in Outlook? I tried adding an animated file but found out that it was not working; rather it had become static. Please tell me how to add any kind of animated files on Outlook.

Category: MS Outlook

I started using Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010 some time back. I have now created a new logo in Exchange that I would like to place instead of the previous one on the header of Outlook. Can this be done? Can an expert guide me on how to do this,.

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Hello Techyv Experts,

I am using MS Outlook 2010 in my Windows 7 system, I have permanently deleted few mails, is it possible for me to recover the delete email from users inbox. If so, Please guide me about how to do the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Matthew J Moore

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Hi Techyv Users,

In my personal computer, I am currently using Windows 7 and Office 7 Outlook email client. While copying the pst file to other email client I didn’t get the same export file. It didn’t open properly on another computer. Guide me with step by step procedure to over come this issue.



Category: MS Outlook


I have a huge list of folders containing emails in mac Entourage 2008. I want to transfer these to Microsoft Office 2010 since am moving back to Windows. IMAP could be useful in other cases but not mine because the emails are many. I am looking for an alternative to migrate all mails at a go if possible. Any ideas?