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Hey guys,

I am looking forward to buying iMAC, but I’m not sure if it comes with Microsoft Office or not. I am a frequent user of MS Office, and will require it all the time. Does iMAC Come With Microsoft Office?

Category: MS Infopath

I am using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 in my Windows XP, I need a few Vendor Registration Form or Vendor Application templates, that can be downloaded for free. Will I be able to get the templates directly from Microsofts website, please guide me, also do let me know about, how to download and install it in my system.

Category: MS Infopath


I am a frequent user of SharePoint 2013. I also use InfoPath to build forms. Now I wanted to build web forms with Cascading dropdown. To do this I needed to filter data and this is where I got the error message below.

Can someone help me?

Error – Filtering is not supported in browser-enabled form templates.

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I created an InfoPath form but when I try to submit it on SharePoint online site I get the error message below. I made sure to add the site to a trusted site just in case it is being blocked. But still the error message appears. I selected the option to login automatically.

See the error message below. Waiting for your replies.

InfoPath cannot save the following form: https://motion10demo.sharepoint.com/test22

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Hi all,

I have an InfoPath form service on my computer that I use to fill forms. But now whenever I hit the submit button I always get an error. I made sure to fill all the details but still getting the error. I have refreshed several times but no luck. I though it was the date field but I have tried all date formats.  Is there any way of replacing this error message so that incase of an error I get a clear error message such as “Invalid  date format”

Hope you understand what I mean so that you can help me.

Category: MS Infopath


I have been using InfoPath for a while now. I create forms and publish on SharePoint 2013 online. Now I have this problem while whenever I try to filter on secondary data sources. I wanted to use drag and drop functionality to put a data source with a certain criteria into my form but I got the error message and now am stuck.

Could anyone help me?

Filter on secondary data sources

Error – Filtering stods inte I webblasaraktiverade formularmallar.

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Hallo there!

I find this really annoying when someone tries to login through my InfoPath Library and every time they are prompted with a popup saying 'insert smart card popup'. The form is setup such that one is just supposed to login as an admin and be able to effect any changes within their access levels. What could be the problem and how can I fix it? Please, urgent.

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Hi there,

I am a college student and onenote is one software in Microsoft office that I use heavily to take down notes during class lectures.

I also transfer my onenote files from my laptop to my desktop for backup. A fellow student recently had all his notes corrupted after his laptop suddenly lost all its power, and I am afraid it may also happen to me.

Category: MS Infopath

Hello guys.  I'm a new user of InfoPath Designer 2010.  I'm planning to create a shopping cart with SharePoint integration.  Can someone here teach me how to make InfoPath shopping cart?  I'm on Windows 7 64 bit.  Thanks.

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When I tried to upgrade my Office 2003 to Office 2010 Professional Edition in one of our XP machine I got the following error message:

"Microsoft Office Professional 2010(TEchnical Preview) encountered an error during setup. Error 1327. Invalid Drive F:\"

Even though with this error Office 2010 got installed. I thought that the error occurred due to lower versions of office installed on my PC.

I even tried by upgrading only Infopath 2010 but got the similar error.


Error 1327. Invalid Drive F:\"