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I want to upload video photos to internet directly from my N8 and was wondering if someone may tell me steps for Nokia mobile video photos uploading.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Category: Internet


I’m a person who keeps life organized, and I’m able to achieve this by using Google calendar and another calendar widget.

I’m a blackberry and Eris mobile phone user.

I want to make use of Google calendar on my phone, whereas I’m not interested in having a work email access on my phone. I’m aware that using HTC Sync, we can synchronize Eris and lotus notes calendar.

I’m looking for a way to import the updates, changes and all recurring events to Google calendar but the Google calendar must not be imported to notes.

I don’t want to use a USB cable for this, as I’ve set an automatic replicate option.

Please find a solution for this.

Category: Internet

I have a nokia e52. I want to locate my car by viewing gps tracks in my nokia maps. What are the exact procedures of setting up the gps tracks in my nokia maps to trace my car?

Category: Internet

I will be setting-up a softphone for a small business of my friend. Need your help providing me the best free Softphone Software? I was hoping that is user friendly (easy to use)

Category: Internet


Each time I start playing a game I receive the shown error message. This hasn’t happened before. I have checked all of my hardware including RAM and graphic card but can’t find any problems.

Does this mean I have problem with my software or Windows operating system?

How do fix my PC so that I start playing games again?

Category: Internet


I’m receiving the error message "Error 1305. Error reading from file c:\users\name\local\temp\._msige52\googleearth.msi. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it." when trying to update Google Earth. To fix this problem I uninstalled the Google Earth software and tried to reinstall it but I received the same error.

The next step I took was running CC Cleaner on the Registry followed by restarting my PC and using msicu to check for other versions of Google Earth. Even after taking all of these steps, I still can’t install Google Earth. I’m using Windows 7 Professional and am the only one using this computer.

Which other steps can I take to try to install Google Earth?

Category: Internet


I’m trying to use TweetDeck to schedule the same message to be sent to my Twitter, personal Facebook and work Facebook accounts but I keep on receiving the message "Scheduler error: no credentials associated with this account". I’ve found out by sending individual tweets to each account using TweetDeck that this problem is related to my work Facebook account.

For each account I have Administrator Privileges. As this issue only occurs when I’m at work, I’ve talked to the IT department but they can’t figure out why this is happening. TweetDeck doesn’t have a support forum to help me. Can someone help me?

Any help is much appreciated.

Category: Internet


The whole internet interface ethX on the host is shut down whenever I shut down the server guest of mine. Why this happens and how can I prevent this?

Category: Internet

I was wondering if someone knows some best jQuery slider banner menu playlist plugins available there. Any kind of help would be appreciated in this regard.

Category: Internet

Hi Experts,

I am currently engaged in freelancing work on   a particular web site. I have been  paid by the client.

How get money from that system.

I have heard there is a company called Payoneer but my issue is how I can register with them.

Any suggestion.



Jabez Zion