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Hello guys!

I'm a big fun of UFC that even in games I'm still looking for that kind of intensity. I found this Supremacy by 505 games and its developer Kung Fu Factory. It is really great. I had so much fun playing this. I really like this MMA PC bit game because for the first time it has a female character that's why I'm asking if you guys know other games with female characters aside with Supremacy.

Great help!

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Do we require any additional client access license regardless of the device* or devices on which the NFS server is installed ?

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I am looking for a good mobile carousel swipe.

I have found many mobile carousel swipes but no one looks good to me so far.

So can anyone suggest me good mobile carousel swipe which should be smooth and flexible usage.

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Hi experts,

Please I need your help to find a list including the fastest proxy numbers.

I tried many without any result always too slow.

Many thanks.

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Where can I find Joomla lectures for free on the internet in Audio Format, text or in video (download links preferred instead of online viewing)? 

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Hi Experts,

I am seeking your feedback on official dr dre beats site.I browsed this website recently and it is full of graphics.Any compatible browser to view this web site.Currently I am using firefox.Tell me the best browser.Thanks.


Sammy Noel

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Hi Experts,

I am in need of ghost win 7 64 bit 2012 full version to be installed.Can anyone tell me where to download it.Suggest me appropriate websites.I would like if it is paid and to become premium version.Thanks.


Jabez Zion

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Hello experts,

Me as well as my some other page managers in Facebook are finding this error when we try to post any of our Facebook pages.

I am the owner of my page and we all are the page managers. It occurs if we try to post through our profiles.

There was an error replying

You do not have permission to reply to this article with the chosen account


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I was attempting to confirm my Flickr primary message address.

But I saw an error message when I was ready to click the link in the message sent to me.

Please help.


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Hello I got this error message. Yahoo Fail

I am in doubt why I got this.

Please help me. Thanks a lot.

The page at http://news.yahoo.com says:

We are unable to save your preferences.
Please try again.