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Category: Lotus Notes

Gets this error message

Illegal circular USE: DocExpProcessing"  on Windows XP

When opening an older email after clicking on the "Ok" button this message appears "Generic LSE Failure (no more info!)"

This started occurring after an update from Notes 6.5 to Notes 8.5.2. 

Category: Lotus Notes

My Lotus Notes 7 crashed and gave me an error as posted below. I clicked on Cancel and open another window asking me if I really wanted to Cancel.

When I clicked on the OK button, the window will exit.

But it keeps happening in the previous days. When my Lotus Notes application crashed, this error will keep appearing.

How can I get rid of this?

Lotus Notes Error Notification

An error has occurred in a Lotus Notes application.

Data about the error is being collected for your company’s help desk for use in error analysis.

Category: Lotus Notes

We have been receiving Notes mail routing delays on an eventful mail server. Pending mail for WAN while connected locations are queued. We have looked into the connectivity of the Notes log server network, for example the  trace route, packet sniffing and ping. We still couldn’t find a reason for the delays. Could you inform us how to get a better diagnosis, and also the main cause of this problems we are having?


Category: Lotus Notes

Hi, I’m having trouble LN 6.5’s letterhead. I have done the easy step making agents . My problem is sending e-mails with these agents, default letterheads are used “pencil and grid”. Could anyone help me resolve this issue so I am able to change letterheads with custom ones? I thank you for investing your time.

Category: Lotus Notes

Hello, a few days ago I tried to initiate Lotus Notes 8.5 using Windows XP, but “insert the password” was stuck on the initiation screen.

I have already tried to install Lotus Notes onto a different computer and it works normally.

I’m unsure of the problem with my client notes because I must work with Lotus Notes 8.5 Basic, while passing “-sa” the parameter.

What could the error of my client notes be?

Category: Lotus Notes

Please help me in my issue with Notes 8.5. I have set Notes links to be opened in my default browser which is Internet Explorer. However, it opens the link that I click in Dreamweaver.

Category: Lotus Notes

How would I set up Notes for users on a shared PC? The PC is on Windows XP and we have different login and passwords. I encounter several errors when they attempt to use a password.

Category: Lotus Notes

I would like to access my mails in Lotus Notes 7.0. I have successfully set up my company local mail. I would like to configure my Gmail account. How do I set up Gmail’s POP and SMTP in my Lotus Notes?

Category: Lotus Notes

Please help me in AweSync installation.  I am encountering this error every time I attempt installation:

Lotus Notes software is not installed on this computer.” 

How can I fix this?  Any help is very much appreciated.

Category: Lotus Notes

I am using Windows XP Professional. When I am using Lotus Notes 6.5 call tracking, an error is coming in red box and it says ‘lookup handle’. If anybody knows how to fix this, please inform me. Thanks for all the help.