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Hi Everyone,

Where can I find Joomla cake online tutorials?

Could anyone explain me how to use Joomla with cake PHP by giving examples?

How to submit your url totally free in web directories so that it helps the search engines to index your url or web site? Can anyone provide me the list of free web directories which are popular ones?

Hello experts,

What is the best dealer license company? There are so many website all over the internet but I want the lists that is really proven true. I am very interested to this information written over the internet for business purposes. I hope you can give me the exact or correct information and idea regarding this matter, your suggestion will be a great help.

Thank you.

I joined an affiliate marketing online because they said this is one way to earn extra money in the internet. As I am new into online advertising, I have various questions about online advertising. First is, is there any cost involve in advertising online? In the range of 1 to 10, 10 is the highest, what is the possibility that online advertising will be successful? And last question, what are the online advertising platforms that you can suggest to me? 

I would like to connect my android to the internet via a USB Dongle.

I wonder if there’s available android download USB dongle.

I am using a 7” Rena 3 Tablet with Android, and I really want to connect to the internet using USB Dongle.

Can anyone help?

Hello everyone!

I am having problems with opening pages.

Not just Facebook but other sites too. I don’t know what to tweak!

How do I fix this?

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Error establishing a database connection.

Good day! I had to revisit the script when it blocked someone with an email address like the one below.

What should I do?

Thank you.


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Sorry, but you have accessed this page incorrectly or posted malformed data to it.

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I want your suggestion with something. I’m currently developing a site for selling unique kitchen tables online. I was wondering if someone will suggest me some good themes for this purpose.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

I’m currently developing an online directory to submit your URL totally free, so if there is any developer who can help me with this project any kind of suggestions will be welcomed.

I’m a newbie web developer and working on a shopping website. Does anybody know how to install PrestaShop shopping cart on website? Any kind of help would be appreciated.