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I got an error message in my internet explorer while I was trying to download a project cost plan. For your favor, I have uploaded an image of the error message.


How to install google translate language package? And one more thing , can I download an offline version for google translate language package which I can download in my android mobile phone? Give some suggestion experts.


I am having a big problem with my windows longhorn.

Last day, I had just installed it with WiFi driver, but now, I am unable to connect to the internet. Whenever I try to connect, it gets connected successfully, but after that, it instantly gets disconnected showing an error message.

I have captured the error message and posted it below.

Hello there,

Is anyone here familiar with using the junk e-mail lists in Exchange 2003?

I frequently receive the annoying message prompt above when I try to access my junk e-mail.

Hello experts,

Is there a social web marketing in Japan? If there are some can you give me the official website? I am having a research about this topic for a specific project and I really need your help in this matter guys.

Hello experts,

I want to know if the windows internet explorer has a feature for a second screen and how will it works and be configured or shall I say setup in the control or setting bar?


Christ Hilyard.

I have done many improvement in my website, but there is one which I find hard to apply, do you know a good way to have an internal search code for websites?

I currently launched a magazine site where I found some irrelative links and posts. What software is used to find spam links and posts in a site?

What software is using now to make short English text for children so that they can understand meanings of text easily?

How can I install Wifi Direct on my Acer Aspire laptop?