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I want to know what is social cloud TV. How is this useful to us in our daily life. How to use this service if it is available online?

Is this an another service from Megaupload.com.

I heard the founder and CEO of that company are going to provide one more service which they named it as Megabox,

I want to know what services it will provide to us.

I knew Google has released two new technologies for the web developers. What are they?

How will it be helpful for the web developers?

T-Mobile UK has confirmed for any new customer looking to stop giving the Full Monty data plan will not be allowed more. Why are they doing it? Why are they going back in the world of competition? 


I want to use the Pulse Reader application. But I don't know how to use it.

Specially I want to know is it only for any specific browser?

If yes, in what browser I can use it and how?

If we browse the internet normally on our hard drive  each of the items we have viewed will be saved.

If you are a user of  micro soft internet explorer 7.0, to view history click Tools menu - insert options - settings -  under browsing history - click view files

To delete a history

Press CTRL+shift+DEL To open the browser

If you are a user of Microsoft internet explorer 6 click Tools - internet options and click delete.


iam using BSNL Broad for my compaq laptop using windows 7 home premium will i be able to use BSNL WINKNET MF 50.


I have a server that runs with Windows 2003 Server R 2 standard edition. Also, I have bought a system which runs with Windows XP, and I need to add that operating system to the current domain.

I need help in activating any OS in my server. Because the new system is making problem such as gives some RPC errors and authentication is not allowing, etc. It can be solved by enabling the above specified option.

Please help me to solve this issue. Thank you.

I tried loading a Blogspot.com website when I got the following error in Internet Explorer:

"Windows Internet Explorer
This windows is busy.
Closing this window might cause some problems.
Do you want to close it anyway?"

I have refreshed the page, but IE looked like it suddenly stopped responding. Could anybody please help me troubleshoot it?


I received an email with a PDF invoice link, but it is not working in Internet Explorer.

I tried in different browsers and it works fine.  

Please see the screenshot:

Unable to download/from templead.org. Unable to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.

Do you know why this could be happening?